Harieth Rosewood


Hiya! I'm Harieth and I hope to make friends!! <3

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Hello, My name is Harieth Lilly Rosewood. Don't tell anyone but I'm the runaway princess of Zelrow. Never heard of it? well not many have. It's a small kingdom in America hidden among the mountains and covered by a force-field so no muggles see it. I ran away because there was nothing to do there, and I found out I have magic! It might not seem that surprising since everyone back home has magic but when I was born, we were told that I would never have magic and that I was a muggle. I was almost disowned by my family but luckily my mother stepped in. I didn't want to bother anyone about the mess of all the schools and that stuff once they had found out about my powers, and I had already heard so much about Hogwarts from my pen pal Raven Tristle. She's very sweet! So I wrote a letter explaining what happened and left it on my bed for my family, packed my bags, grabbed a pouch of money and left. Although leaving was quite the hassle considering the maids that were wandering the castle and asking me so many questions. Especially Kate, she's the head maid appointed to me by my father, she is quite mean. I was finally able to leave and I was so happy that I didn't have to be under my mothers watchful eye. She has always loved me but lately she had become a lot more watchful of everything I do for some reason..Anyway 1 plane ride, some letters to Raven, some supplies shopping and a train ride later, I was at Hogwarts!! I had gotten sorted into Hufflepuff while Raven got into Slytherin. She told me that she had already expected that I would be in Hufflepuff but I don't necessarily know what she meant by that, although I think she meant well!! I'm super exited to start off this year and lets hope this goes well.

Round face, Forest green eyes, long eyelashes, perfectly rose red lips, Long Chestnut brown hair. Around 5'3.


Rose, Lilith, Bambi.


Bubbly, Fun, basically happy.


Pastries, sweets, Purple and yellow, friends, paint, to color, stuffed animals, soft stuff, blankets, music, reading, fairy lights, snow, nature, ect.

Mean people, clutter, bitter foods and drinks, yelling, arguing, sudden big change, cold, most family, Kate.

````````````````````````````````(Yes, Indeed I do realize that she likes snow but doesn't like the cold. Isn't that normal?)
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