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I was sorted into Slytherin, the sorting hat chose this house because he thought I would bring a good image to the house. He also saw the thirst to prove myself and that I was very misunderstood but also fiercely determined. The sorting hat took a bit of time to sort me but only a little while over the expected time. The sorting hat found a lot of wisdom and ambitions within me and almost placed me in Ravenclaw but saw that I didn't want to always be correct but just better versions of myself every day until I reach my desired dreams. I am in potions with Professor Snape and I bring a good image to my house because of my outstanding grade and knowledge in the subject. I am not particularly happy with DADA because I fear facing my own fears, boggarts, and dementors, etc. Transfiguration is a class I did well in but didn't really enjoy because of my love for the outdoors but not with huge groups. I am a muggle-born witch. Sirius Black is my father and since being prisoned in Azkaban I don't know him well and wasn't raised with him, instead of being raised with a muggle family. I consider myself muggle-raised since I don't know much about my father or myself much really. It was extremely scary to be living in the UK while you-know-who was rising, maybe his followers would terrorize a random location in the muggle world, maybe come after me if it wasn't for this muggle family keeping me Indoors all the time. My greatest strength is my determination and intelligence along with my quick thinking and resourcefulness. My greatest weakness is something I don't like to admit but it is the darkness and also being ignored and below others. I want money, power, and fame when I finish school. I crave power and I long to lead. I feel like the most fascinating aspect of magic is the use of it for everything. I will use my own power and hard work to help others and magic for others only in an emergency. If I'm being honest, I just want to be appreciated. I do have a pet, he is a black long-haired cat named Roach. He is almost like me and likes to sleep in the day and is very loyal but also loves his space, he's very hard to understand but only I do. This muggle family consists of immigrants from Central America, Guatemala. They are extremely close-minded and think magic is satanic and that I'm not even allowed to be friends with anyone who even knows Harry Potter's name.
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