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I am a Gryffindor, the sorting hat made that decision because of my bravery and my ability to gather new information and keep secrets. I was at a hatsall, the hat was choosing between Gryffindor or Slytherin. The classes I like are charms, astronomy and potions the most. I don't like defense against the dark arts, I think it's mostly unforgivable spells. This is my second year and my best class so far is Astronomy. I am a pure-blood. No one knows my parents so it's all right because I just don't find the need to know my parents. I wasn't in UK when You-Know-Who rose to power. My greatest strength is my ability to stand up for myself and others, I am also good at casting spells and my patronus. My greatness weaknesses are small spaces and people turning their back on me after helping the through a lot. After I finish school I want to continue with the Wizarding world and achieve a lot of stuff, I want to be a proffessional quidditch player. I have not graduated but my dream muggle job would be an actress or singer.I feel that the most fascinating aspect of magic is wind. I want to do magic to help others and also for myself because I feel like there are so many thing you can use magic on and it's just amazing how you can do multiple stuff with magic. I really want to become the most acknowledged wizard, I want people to remember me as a life savior, as the greatest wizard of all, as the most intelligent wizard of all time. I have 1 cat, her name is Wiskers and she is calm but when something goes wrong or someone is approaching us she meows 3 times, stands up, and leaves. One interesting thing about my family is that we all follow a line of slytherin, except me which is why I was "disowned", I was also disowned because I didn't want to be a Death-eater. My father thinks that he will rule the world one day, I know he won't but I still cheer him up sometimes. My bestfriends are James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Mostly Peter because we share the same weirdness and awkwardness, I also hang out with James to prank Sirius and to convince Lily to date him.
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