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My Backstory
I may be a new Graduate of Durmstrang Institute, but I have already spent twelve years studying dark arts and unique bits of magic that we all use. I have become the most knowledgeable wizard on the topic of dark Arts, but I shall not reveal any of my my sectets. I am very glad to begin majoring in the study of Defensing the Dark Arts while also continuing my researh/work. Of course, I had to get my license before I could get funding for my work, but that was more a formality than anything. I’m currently studying a set of ancient dark art spells in Cairo, but I occasionally apparate home to see my family. I say occasionally because my father is a bit too fond of the Firewhiskey for his own good and my Mother passed several years ago. Nevertheless, I continue to uncover old dark art spells and create new spells in her name.