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I know for a FACT someone is going to ask if I actually look like this, I DO, Also, I am BELLA My character is Aquarius, Aquarius is a Gryffindor, I am a Slytherin

Name-Aquarius Black


Best Friends- Moodys Best Ferret, Cassandra Rose, Marek Rose, Lloyd Rose.

Eyes- Brown Eyes with Grey Sparks

Hair- Dark Brown Hair that goes to the ground, Turns Red in the firelight, Turns Light Brown in the Sunlight

I was sitting down on my chair, with my cousins, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy looking over my shoulder. I had gotten a letter from the Headmistress, who was also my Godmother. My twin sister, Arietta, had gone to Hogwarts last year. Lucius had begged Minerva to let her in a year earlier, and she did, getting sorted into Ravenclaw.

On the train, I met a few people. Selwyn Nott, who I had known beforehand was Ruder than ever, I liked Theodore better, though he was 2 years younger than me. I wished Scorpius was here with me, he was my favourite cousin, apart from Edward of course.

I was worried, Both of my honorary god-parents thought I would get into Ravenclaw, considering how smart I was. My sister also thought I would get into Ravenclaw. But Draco, Edward and Delphini all thought I would get into Gryffindor. Delphini's Brother and Edward's sister both thought I would get into Slytherin. My Lucius and Narcissa thought I would get into Ravenclaw. Huh

After I got on the train, my best friend's little sister, Alice called me. Alice was nice and Obsessed with fashion and liked to use me as a Model. Alice also liked styling my hair. In the mirror, I finally saw Alice.

"Hello Alice" I greeted

"Hello Bella" She smiled, Oh, I forgot to mention, Alice and her 6 other siblings all lived in America. They also for some reason called her Bella, Like all the time. She and I started talking in rapid French. That's when the door to my compartment opened.

Three people walked through the door. Two of them were identical, right down to the freckle on their noses. Both of them were different genders, so Aquarius was able to tell them apart. Another boy, who had Black hair that was sticking up and Hazelbrown eyes that looked so kind. Aquarius looked back down at her mirror and saw that Alice was gone. Aquarius rolled her eyes, she was annoyed yet thankful that Alice was gone.

Aquarius smiled hesitantly as the trio came closer, they were so tall.....While she was at her 4.6 ft, the dark-haired boy must have been at 4.9 ft. Aquarius gulped, they were so intimating.

The Red heads sat down across from her, while the Black haired boy sat next to her. Aquarius moved a little and set her head against the window.

The Black-haired boy turned towards her,

"Hello, I'm James Potter" Aquarius turned to look at him and introduced herself.

"My name is Aquarius, Aquarius Black, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance" Aquarius introduced herself formally.

She turned to the red heads and looked at them, the girl said,

"I'm Roxanne Weasley, and this is my brother, Fred" Aquarius smiled at them a little and pulled out her book. Out of the corner of her grey eyes, she watched Roxanne and Fred talk to each other, but James was quiet.

Aquarius sighed and put down her book. She glanced at James and asked, "What house are you hoping to get" James looked at her and said with pride,

"Gryffindor, Where the brave dwell with heart" Aquarius laughed and said,

"My cousin, Lesalena, thinks I'll be in Gryffindor like her, but I think I'll be in Ravenclaw" James nodded and said,

"My god sister's name is Lesalena Lupin, are they the same person?" Aquarius shook her head yes and let her bangs cover her like a curtain. Before she knew it, she was fast asleep.

James watched as his new friend fell asleep, her Black hair turning Dark brown and growing to the floor. James felt his jaw drop, her hair was LONG. James shook Roxanne and James watched her look at Aquarius in Awe.

James then sat back in silence and waited for the train ride to end. This year was going to be good.

He could feel it.

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