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4ever young, dumb, & broke

The Big 4~Jack, Sami, Harv, Mo~ Just 4 best friends being "young, dumb, and broke" together~ Please feel free to advertise on our wall-no politics :)

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<center> Jackson, Harvey, Sameen & Ramona Reconstructing backstory soon! ■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■</center><center>➣How We All Met<details>Jackson and Sameen met through their mothers who both worked at Ilvermorny School in North America when they were 5. When they were six both of their families moved to Europe. Jack and Sami then met Harvey during a Dragon convention in Scotland when they were 10. Six months later they met Ramona after they were walking home from Hogwarts on the first day of their first year and saw her being bullied by a couple of other kids because of her long hair. Jack, Sami, & Harv, warded off the bullies and after that the three became four and the rest is history!</details>■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■<details>
Face Claim: Jack Frost Name: Jackson Overland Nicknames: Jack, Jack-Jack Age: I'm a teenager ; ) Hogwarts House: Slytherin Favorite Hogwarts Class: Potions Best Friends: Sami, Harvey, & Ramona Dating: No one right now Pets: None Likes: snow, ice, cold, hockey, basketball, Quidditch, rocking out with Harv, Kristof, & Eugene in the band, skateboarding, making Youtube videos with the boys Dislikes: people messing with his friends, animals *Note: Only Sami, Harv, Mo-Mo are allowed to call him Jack-Jack<details>
Face Claim: Princess Merida of Dunbroch Name: Sameen Harper Nicknames: Sami, Sams (Only Quinn Davis & Emily Brewer) Age: 16- haha- sike Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Favorite Hogwarts Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts Best Friends: Jackson, Harvey, & Ramona Dating: No one right now Pets: White Owl-Newt, Hippogriff- Rudy, Horse- Angus Likes: winter, snow, pulling pranks, learning, making new friends, drinking coffee, photography, shooting her bow, riding horses & dragons Dislikes: rude people, broccoli, biggest pet peeve is when a person is walking or biking on the road when there is a perfectly good sidewalk not two feet from where they are walking or biking<details>
Face Claim: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Name: Harvey Haddock Nicknames: Harv Age: I’m not telling you Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Favorite Hogwarts Class: Care of Magical Creatures Best Friends: Jackson, Sami, & Ramona Dating: Astrid Hofferson Pets: Night-Fury Dragon-Toothless Likes: hanging out with his friends and his girlfriend, dragons, practicing sword fighting, rocking out with Jack, Eugene, & Kristof in the band, making Youtube videos with the boys, playing hockey with Jack Dislikes: dragon haters<details>
Face Claim: Rapunzel Hohenzollen Name: Ramona Hohenzollen Nicknames: Mo-Mo Age: Who cares? Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Favorite Hogwarts Class: Charms Best Friends: Sami, Jackson, Harvey Dating: Eugene Fitzherbert Pets: Chameleon- Pascal Likes: eating ice cream and pizza, going on walks in the woods with her boyfriend, playing video games with Jack, acting Dislikes: people who pretend to be who they are not *Note: Only Jack, Sami, and Harv are allowed to call her Mo-Mo<details>
<summary>The Band</summary>
Jack and Harvey and their other friends Kris and Eugene(aka Fitz) are in a Band together. They have yet to decide on a name. If you would like to see "live performances" or "Youtube Videos" of them singing and performing go check out THE BAND HERE and be a part of picking out their band name by filling out the form in the Rules section of the group!<details>
<summary>Who's In the Band</summary>
Lead Singer - Jackson Overland Lead Guitarist - Kristoff Bjorgman Keyboard Piano - Eugene Fitzherbert Drummer - Harvey Haddock Manager - Looking To Hire Ad Manager- Looking to Hire Photographer - Looking To Hire Choreographer - Looking To Hire</details><details>
+Cover Band+ Rock Pop Hip Hop R & B Electronic Alternative Rock We are exploring different Genres until we find the one that is right for us! : )</details><details>
<summary>How we Started</summary>
Jack, Fitz, Harv, and Kris started out as a garage band out of Detroit, Michigan, when they were all 14. They played small concerts and parties around the Detroit Area for almost 1 ½ years. After they played a gig at teen club where they were found out by Magical Muzic Records (a music label company from New York that scouts out Wizard and Witch bands) they went on to have a successful Youtube Channel with over 1.5 million subscribers. Since then they have been playing in concert halls across America, Europe, and will eventually travel to Australia.</details><details>
<summary>How the Band Works on HiH</summary>
>The Band “makes music videos” by writing out the lyrics to songs into a post and posting it to the group. >The Band “performs live” by using the Live Chat option and posting lyrics to that and letting the fans interact that way! >The Band “does giveaways” by having their Manager make and design clothes and Band Merch that can be exclusively given or can be bought.</details></details>■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■<details>
<summary>Other Friends</summary>
~~~ Fred Weasley & George Weasley - - Courtney Lestrange - - Jazel Riddle - - Jade Stone, Best Friend <3 The Big Four's Honorary Best Friend! Face Claim: Giselle from Enchanted - - Alice Maze Runner Buddies Face Claim: Jane Porter from Tarzan - - Gracelyn Sherlock Holmes Buddies Face Claim: Anna from Frozen - - Collete Disney Buddies Face Claim: Belle from Beauty & the Beast - - aesha Rain, Coffee, & book buddy : - ) Face Claim: Jasmine from Aladdin - - Kayleigh Malfoy & •°♡Lovable Idiots♡°• Face Claim: Cinderella - - Amalia Riddle Face Claim: Moana - - If you would like to make “Our Other Friends” List please DM us or post on our wall with something interesting to talk about! If you somehow spark up conversation with us then you're in! ~~~</details>■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■<details>
<summary>Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade</summary>
Check out the Group Here Owners Profile Managers Profile</details><details>
<summary>PotterMonster Magazine</summary>
The PotterMonster Magazine is a teen creativity and entertainment magazine that publishes an online magazine every other week! Request to Join the Group Here Apply Here Subscribe to the PMM Write a Review on the PMM Join the PMM Readers Club Here Message The Official HiH Profile of the PMM with questions! </details><details>
<summary>Backstory Coding Group</summary>
Join the Backstory Coding Group Here</details><details>
<summary>Slytherin Discord Server</summary>
Message Me for the Updated Link! </details><details>
If you are a part of a cool group that you think we should join let us know! We love joining fun and active groups! If you have a group and are in need of some active staff to help with the group then just ask us! We love helping wherever we can!</details></details>■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■<details>
<summary>Claim a Disney Face</summary>
Here is how it works: What you do is message or post to The Big 4 profile and tell us which Disney/Pixar Character you want to use as a “face-claim”. We will then get a picture of that Disney character and place it in our “Other Friends” drop down and link your HiH account in our profile! Please also feel free to talk to us about books, TV Shows, movies et cetera, because we love striking up interesting conversations with new people. We might even post pictures of The Big 4 and your face-claimed Disney Character together on our wall and yours on occasion! :-)</details>■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■<details>
<summary>Role-Play Rules</summary>
- No god-modding - No cyberbullying - No NSFW content - 3-4 Sentence Responses - Use common sense Please feel free to DM us or post to our wall to start role-playing with us!</details>■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■<details>
~ This account is dedicated to telling others the adventures that Jackson, Sameen, Harvey, and Ramona have together ~ We also like meeting funny people! So please feel free to post funny things on our wall! If we all think you're really funny then you might just be added to our “Other Friends List”! ~ If come up with any other nicknames for us please let us know and we will add them to our nicknames lists ~ Regarding the photos on this profile: the photos on this profile all are taken from Pinterest and belong to their respective owners! Sami is a fictional character based on a real person (the person behind this and Sami Harper's profile) so she did not actually get those pictures. : )</details>■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■ If you made it this far then you are a real one! ;-)</center>
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