used to be deepika

the mind has a thousand eyes, and the heart but one. yet the light of a whole life dies when love is done.

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before you do anything, read the rules:

-no advertising

-no spamming or hating (i'll block you)

-swearing is fine, but nothing inappropriate 

-don't ask me to follow back




-15 march/pisces

-dog lover


-bi and curious

-vegetarian and trying to be vegan

likes: dogs, animals, horse-riding, horses, spaniels, beagers, golden-retrievers, coding, pinterest, my besties, tennis


dislikes: THE FREAKING GRAMMARLY ADD, people that smoke, cauliflower, the amount of times i scrape my knee while playing tennis, WHEN PEOPLE CALL RUGBY FOOTBALL AND FOOTBALL SOCCER, animal abuse 




my besties::

soojin and jennie, you both mean the world to me, and you're always there with your daggers and belts if we need to beat someone's ass- and y'all just won't stop giving me nicknames, istg- i know you'll always have my back and will kill anybody that backstabbs me, WE'RE THE BEST TRIO EVERRRRR! love you two, never change <3



thank you for always being a kind and loving person, i've honestly never met someone as nice as you <3



you're not my actual big sis, but still you're as close to me as that. love you!


quinnie and jess::

thank you for always being there for me, and if i commit murder, you two would probably

be the ones helping- love you <3



i know you'll always be there when i'm down, i'll never doubt it. and you're actually sweeter than candy- love you <3

credits to nya and jade for figuring out the box thingy first


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