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Hi!!! My name is Eli, Elisa Grindleward my mum is half witch, my dad is a muggle born. My mum had no magic which makes her a muggle born I think, you see when my grandmother met he husband, my grandfather, she drop her magic and decided to live like a muggle since she's been dreaming to live in the muggle world. But her parents never allowed her and abandoned her when she married my grandfather. And so basically the magical genes skipped my mother unto me, both of them though died when i was 12 years old. And now I'm 16.I start living with my muggle aunt and uncle. Don't worry though they are very nice to me. They actually treat me like their one of their own since they don't have any children. and last month i just found i have magic. which is very cool until i almost set my room on fire. did i tell you i have powers? well if i don't I have pyrokinesis meaning fire. and last week i just got a letter from hogwarts and I remember that grandma told me stories about Hogwarts but i never really actually thought it was real and It was.

I'm a hufflepuff i'm kinda confused at first because my grandma said that i'll be a slytherin since she and most of my magical family is slytherin. On my first day on hogwarts I did a research and turns out that my ancestors use to be evil. Grindleward. And since i am magical i decided to change my last name into Grindleward ( minus the evil of course) Hope I see you soon

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