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"Those Hufflepuffs were true and unafraid of toil"

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I am a Hufflepuff, because I value loyalty, kindness, and being hardworking.

I was a hastall. The Sorting Hat almost decided Ravenclaw but in the end, the hat chose Hufflepuff.

I loved Charms and Transfiguration. I am an Animagus who can turn into a bunny.

I hated Potions and History of Magic.

I didn't really enjoy Herbology. Plants weren't my turf, to be honest.

I'm a half-blood. Muggle mum, wizard dad.

I was constantly worried that being a half-blood would affect my life, but it never did.

It was horrible. There were terror, deaths and sadness everywhere. No one ever laughed or smiled.

My greatest strength is duelling or Transfiguration.

My fatal flaw is that I'm too loyal. I can never make sacrifices even if it's for the best.

I think I will become a Hogwarts professor.

I have not graduated yet! I am in my 5th year.

Transfiguration, in my opinion, is very interesting. It's interesting how things can transform into a whole different thing.

I want to help others.

I just want a job, a family, and children.

I have an owl named Dorothy. She's extremely helpful and always knows where to get the letters to.

My dad, Ethan Beckett is a best friend of James Potter, who died. He is also an Animgi that can turn into a hedgehog. It earned him the nickname, Spiky.
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