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Hey hey, I'm Eli! I'm 20 and new here at Hogwarts (long story). Anyway she/her, love is love and all that...

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Due to extremely overprotective parents, a powerful Fidelius Charm kept me from receiving my Ilvermorny letter until adulthood, and I was raised as a No-Maj out of fear.. oops.. a Muggle. (They actually thought I might have been a Squib at first anyway. Turns out I just have ADHD and autism, so it took an extra few years. They were pretty shocked when the dog food on the high shelf spilled over directly into the dog bowl, despite the fact that there was no way I could reach. I just thought it was a lucky earthquake that did what I was trying to do!) Once I turned 18 and learned the truth, I studied on my own for two years, with some help from my parents (after I forgave them.) Now that I'm 20, I have chosen to continue my magical studies "across the pond" at Hogwarts instead, focusing on Magizoology and nature-based magics. My father was a Pukwudgie talented in Arithmancy, and my mother was a Thunderbird skilled in Divination. I am a proud Hufflepuff, though my father says I definitely would have been a Pukwudgie at Ilvermorny. I am definitely not going to go straight into the Ministry after my studies like my parents did when they were my age (it scared them into hiding their magic!). Feel free to ask to pet my Service Crup! Anyway... Go Badgers!

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