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“Beautiful.” ~Takeda, MKX

[Jose choose PFP]“You wanna take this opportunity to tell us what the fuckshit you were thinking?!” ~Cassie Cage, MKX. “Beautiful” ~Takeda, MKX.

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Frina: for being my best bitch, Kitana (I is Jade).

Blaire: for being the most awesome being ever (Hehehe ily)

Thalia: for being Cassie. Ilysm, bitch

Jose: for being the definition of amazing

Liu Kang: for being the hottest most loyal being in the world

Jade: for being my Edenian Bitch

Takeda: for being a cutie

Skarlet: for being the world’s hottest Blood Mage

Shao Kahn: for allowing Kitana to kill you, but you should’ve stayed dead bitch ass

END of Mentions...




~Anna (Call me this without my permission and ur doomed, hehe), Soph (anyone), Phia (Anyone), Sophia (Ask), Savage (ASK), Sophia (Plz fucking ask-), Jay (ASK. MOTHERFUCKING ASK, FOR GOD’S SAKE)


~Single (But headin for Liu Kang-)

~Straight (With the slight exception of Jade-)

~May 23rd

~Frina, Blaire, Thalia, Jose

~Liu Kang, my beloved <3 (Takeda, Ur next in line ;) )

~Jade (from mortal Kombat. Not my fc) is awesome, Idgaf what you say

~My doggo is better than ur doggo (hehe (: )

~fc: Jade Weber

~Appearance: green eyes (yes, I know my fc has blue. Sometimes I edit her eyes, sometimes I don’t), blonde hair (I swear if you tell Johnny, you are going down-), very short (like barely over 5 feet-)

~Irl: And you thought were getting that info-

~Am a savage 

~Am a dumbass

~And I don’t give two shits

~Cuz I’m ✨me✨

~And I have every fucking right to be ✨me✨

~And if you don’t like it

~Shut tf up




~Frina and I

~Blaire and I

~Thalia and I

~Jose and I

~Lucas (my doggo)

Fun Facts?

Bitch, wth you talking about? I aM tHe FuN







~Frina, French Fry, Bitch, Ass, Nerd, Gurl (ASK OTHERWISE I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU)

~Single for Life :,)


~June 1st

~Soph, Blaire, Lyn




~fc: Lily James

~appearance: Blonde hair (shh don’t tell Johnny), blue eyes, short, skinny, tan af, a lot of freckles

~irl: I’m a robot hehe (Jk)

~skskskan hehehe



Soph, for being my bestie from the start.

Blaire, for being a great role model.

Lyn, for being my favorite bitch.

Kitana, for being awesome af.
Takeda, for being hot af.
Four, for being the best book character EVER. 


Lyn and Me:
Soph and Me:
Jose and Me:
Blaire and Me:


fun facts: I’m fun ;)





~Jose (anyone) Jo (my friends only) Sexy, Queen, Lover, Princess (my lovers only) Mi Amor (my fiance irl [More of you nickname to come]) (ASK OTHERWISE I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU)

~Taken (hih)[My husband Sawyer, my boyfriend Miles, My boyfriend Adam, My girlfriend May] (Irl) May my fiance

~Bisexual and Polymerous

~July 26

~Soph (reeeeeee), Blaire (my sister), Sawyer( my husband), May (my fiance), Miles (my bf), James(my bf), Alex (my bestie), Frina,

~fc: Aurora/Joey King

~appearance: Brown hair,Brown eyes, short (5'0), fat, tan af, Glasses



mentions: Working on this




fun facts: Dyslexia,ADHD,



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