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My name is Seren Johnston and I am a 16 year old Slytherin. I was sorted into Slytherin due to my ambition to become a politician and change our world for the better. It was a hatstall sorting as my thirst for knowledge was near equal to that for power. I enjoy Defence Against the Dark Arts the most and dislike flying the most. I do well in History of Magic but find it boring at times when the subject is not to my interest. I am a Half-blood (Pureblood Father, Muggle-born Mother) and therefore have been treated with mild prejudice which has yet to hinder me in my schooling. Growing up during He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named reign of terror was an interesting experience as it allowed me to consider other views on things my parents did not agree with and opened up a world that reflected to me reality. My greatest strength is my ability to make decisions separately from my emotions. My greatest weakness is a secret I will take to the grave. After school I wish to go into politics but if I do not achieve that I shall persue a career on the school board of governors to help improve the education system I believe is serverly lacking in certain aspects. I feel that the ability to bend the universe to an extent to your bidding is the most fascinating aspect of magic. I think that I will use my magic to an extent for the benefit of others but will mostly further my own ends. I really want to travel and visit all (metaphorical) corners of our glorious planet that we are blessed to be on. I own an owl and a cat for companions. They are named Lladd and Dialedd both are loyal towards me and vicious to those they perceive to be causing me harm. My family on my father's side happens to be an old money family and can trace their ancestors back hundreds of years. I do disagree with some beliefs my parents hold but I do not voice them loudly to avoid harm as many would disagree with them.

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