Arixellia Moonstone


Hey loves! My name is Arixellia, but you can call me Zell :) I have something that Muggles call Tourette's Syndrome so please don't make fun of me <3

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A few things about me:

Pronouns - she/her

Muggle Born and I'm proud

I love music! Muggles are a lot of things but they can make some awesome music

I'm a Taurus, my rising sign is Taurus and my moon sign is Capricorn

I'm ~bisexual~

Can't sing but I love to try

I love plants and animals

My crystal collection is bleak, please send me some places where you like to buy your crystals!

I'd love to make a lot of friends :) I promise I'm nice

I could help you with your assignments too

My favorites:

My favorite artists are Billie Eilish, Cavetown, Chloe Moriondo, Penelope Scott, Lorde, Billy Joel, Conan Gray, and a lot more

My favorite animes at the moment are A Silent Voice and Steins Gate

My favorite movies are Harry Potter (duh), The Conjuring, Insidious 2, 50 First Dates, The Hunger Games, and more :)

My favorite tv shows are TVD and TO, Deadly Class, I Am Not Okay With This, Bojack Horseman, How To Get Away With Murder, Manifest, El Internado, and many many more

My favorite comedian is John Mulaney

My favorite books are the Matched Series and Harry Potter (duh)

My favorite foods are pancakes, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies, and biscuits (I like sweets and bread)

I like art, my pencil drawings are usually trash but my digital art is okay

As for my backstory:

I was born to two Muggles (whom I love dearly) in America. My father's name is Charles Moonstone. My mom was Orla Sutherland before she married my dad. The last name "Moonstone" leads me to believe there was some sort of witch or wizard in our family at some point. I had an older sister named Lisandra. She couldn't do magic. Six years later came me! Our parents are super fun and loving and we grew up in a great environment. I was around 6 or 7 when I started making strange things happen. When I was 8 and my sis was 14... there was an incident. The cupboard caught fire. I didn't mean to. I wish I was strong enough to help her. Sometimes I wish I would've stayed with her so she didn't have to be alone. She always encouraged me when I thought I was a freak. She always helped me with my math homework and let me sleep in her bed if I had a nightmare. She was the brightest person I've ever met. She was my best friend. And it's my fault. My parents say that it's not because I couldn't control it and didn't even know what I was doing. But it is. I killed her.

My letter came when I was 11 and I felt something along the lines of hope or comfort. I want to be an amazing witch. I want to learn everything there is to learn. And it's a good thing we don't have math class because I don't have Lis to help me anymore. She only ever wanted me to succeed, so that's what I'll do. I wrote a short book about Muggles and I hope to write more. My love for art came from Lisandra. Her work was way better than anything I could dream of doing. She was only 14. She deserved so much more than to... well, you know.

When I was young I started developing tics (involuntary movements or sounds). They never went away, actually got worse. I was diagnosed at 10 with Tourette's Syndrome. It's a very misunderstood disorder. I'm happy to answer any questions, I promise I won't get offended. Anyhow, now I'm here. I'm a Hufflepuff, first year. You can usually catch me in the greenhouse or library in my spare time. I often go to Hufflepuff Cozy Hour as well. You won't be able to find me on Sundays, I leave the castle to visit my sister. I need to do good things. I need to make Lis proud. Godric I miss her. 


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