Orwin Conrad

Student, Beater (to be), Part-Veela

I grew up around dragons. You think you're gonna intimidate me with just that?

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Howdy there, I'm Orwin Conrad, and it's such a pleasure to meet you. I am originally from Wales, but I'm now residing with a few cousins in London thanks to a few problems in my family's estate that required our main house to be repaired (never let a dragonling test their wings near your wooden house, ever). I was sorted into Hufflepuff, which surprised a total of 0 individuals. I'm smart, but wouldn't be able to go the heights that some Ravens go for knowledge, and I'm not that much of a brave guy. Could've been a Slyth, tho, but instead I ended up as a badger. Anyway, I digress, you're not here to know about this.

I come from a family of both doctor wizards and dragonologists, since some people like to ask about my family background. My father's name is Zane Conrad, and my late mother's was Serena (I never discovered her single surname), and I have two siblings. An older brother called Casper, and a twin sister called Justine (you'll most likely never meet her, she goes to Beauxbatons while I'm here.)

Most of the time when I'm not loafing around I'm reading notes on my family's charms (yes we have those, no I will not teach you any) or studying about magical creatures in various places around the castle. If you find me somewhere go ahead and come, I may look like I bite but I won't. Most of the time, that is. For technical matters, I am forced by the law to disclose my wand, so, here goes: It's an alder wood wand with an unicorn hair core, 14 and a half inches, and it's somewhat springy.

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