David Puritious

Student of Hogwarts, Aspiring Author

I'm conniving, ambitious, unusually fraternal, and paranoid. What else would you expect from an INTJ and Gemini Slytherin?

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Name: David Iracebeth Puritious

Personal Code: Ego Sum Vipera Rubra

DOB: June 12, 2002

Blood-Status: First Generation Pureblood; Scion of House

Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [House: Slytherin]

Siblings: N/A

Childhood/Best Friends: Heir Sebastian Burke, (OC) Heiress Donna Hesper, and (OC) Scion Perseus Fawley

 DOB: May 13, 2002 and August 6, 2002

 Hogwarts School Houses: SlytherinSlytherin;Slytherin 

Active Friends: Emma Weasley, Orwin Conrad, and Nicole Tomlinson

 Hogwarts School Houses: Gryffindor; HufflepuffSlytherin

Amiable Friends: [Check my profile's 'Friends' tab]

Upper-Year Mentors: 

 Teddy Lupin: Hufflepuff

 Victorie Weasley: Ravenclaw

 (OC) Heir Cassius Bulstrode: Slytherin

 (OC) Scion Amara Bulstrode: Slytherin

 (OC) Heir Apparent Sagittarius Black: Slytherin

 (OC) Heir Jacob Flint: Slytherin


 Archenemies: (OC) Heir Jasper Selwyn [House: Slytherin], (OC) Heiress Octavia Rowle [House: Slytherin]

 Classroom Rivals: (OC) Heir Samuel Travers [House: Ravenclaw], (OC) Cassandra Abbot [House: Hufflepuff]

 Self-Proclaimed: (OC) Heiress Maria Nott [House: Slytherin], (OC) Scion Damon Pucey [House: Ravenclaw]

 Gyffindor Rival: Scion Cassian Russo


 Hair- Curly, ashen brown (dark pale red in sunset lighting)

 Eyes- Kaleidoscopic hazel; amber, brown, green, yellow, or hazel (violet during active family magicks)

 Physiology- Gangly/scrawny/thin, 5'9 ft/175 cm, subtle cheekbones, angled eyebrows, narrow face, reasonably proportioned body

 Complexion- Bone white, flushed when laughing or emotional

 Casual wear (Starting 3rd year)- Skinny black pants; dark red long-sleeved shirts; calf-high combat boots; black vest corsets; a family black collar choker with a pyrope garnet attached to the center; steel three-piece talon rings for my thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers; crimson glam make-up; and crimson-painted nails                                                                          

Mother: Lady Mirena Maximilius Puritious

DOB: April 12, 1983

Blood-Status: Seventh Generation Pureblood; Lady of House

Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [House: Hufflepuff]

  Ancient Rune Apprenticeship - Mistress Mallory Mortem (Accepted: Year 3 of Hogwarts School)

  Dueling Apprenticeship - Master Damocles Drawler (Accepted: Year 6 of Hogwarts School)

  Curse-Breaking Apprenticeship - Mistress Ipsita Chakraverti (Accepted: Year 1 of Gringott's Ward-Maker)

Career(s): Curse-Breaker of Gringotts, Ward-Maker of Gringotts, International Champion Duelist of 2011

Sibling(s): N/A

Parents (Both Deceased): Lady Constance Appius and Lord Niguel (Greengrass) Puritious

Father (Deceased): Lord Thomas (Port) Puritious 

DOB: March 8, 1984

DOD: November 14, 2005

Blood-Status: Muggle-born; Lord of House

Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [House: Slytherin]

 Potions Apprenticeship - Mistress Lilith Lymrik (Accepted: Year 2 of Hogwarts School)

 Alchemy Apprenticeship - N/A (Accepted: [Blank] of Hogwarts School)

 Auror Training - Auror Academy of Germany 

Career(s): Senior Auror, Potioneer

Sibling(s): (Older Brother) Samuel Port, Jr.

Parents: Samuel Sr. and Amanda Port

My mother is the Head of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Puritious, although I'm not a significant Heir due to the Family's Matriarchal tradition. She is an empathetic and diligent, yet slightly controlling/overprotective and disciplined, woman whom I respect and admire.

I was 3 years old when my father was killed by Neo-Death Eaters for protecting my mother and I. All twelve of those sychophants underestimated my Mudblood father; he didn't mind getting dirty to protect us, meaning they died murdering him. What I can remember of him is his deep voice reading me to sleep (His potions and hexes journals as reading material) and his Patronus entertaining me. His parents and brother are psychotic and despise us, unfortunately.

My magical inclination indicates potions and alchemy, especially the darker brews. I would not mind a few friends regardless of blood-status, Hogwart's House or year, creature heritage/disability, or magical inclinations/interests; however, I do not accept prejudice or bigotry.

My familiar is my calico cat: Jaguar "Jackie" Addams (My Cousin Herodes is obsessed with the lore), my favorite subjects are potions, theory, and history, and I want to write my own books of the various magical arts. My wand anatomy is my business, thank you very much; I will let you know through owl. Information of my weaker subjects, or all grades, can be discovered by the respective Professors or in the Chamber of Secrets; good luck finding them.

(I am taking a set absence from this wonderful website. I had fun during that 2021 fall, but my personal issues are far too time consuming for me to enjoy my character. I will return in 6 years time, with a book of my character's familial history and a refreshed stress factor.)

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