Kinsley Anderson


Call me Kins, it's short for Kinsley

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<pre>Name: Kinsley Anderson but you can call her Kins <3

Describes: She's ginger, have medium hair and curl enough, a little bit tall but also kinda chubby. She got 
freckle around hers nose, some of the cheek and a little bit above the eyebrows. If you don't know her, you
will missunderstood that she is one of the Weasly. She also love when her hair have two of somethings,
two buns, two braids for example.

Clothes: Beside Hogwart's uniform for Gryffindor, she usually wear a tight croptop with oversize jeans, along 
with a pair of Jordan and some gold accessories.

Sexuality: Bisexual 

Pronouns: She/Her

Height: 5'8

House: Gryffindor

History: She grew up in a muggles family. In 2003 when Kins was 4, Mrs Anderson seeing hers kid playing with
fire in the yard, although there's nothing to worry about because the fire just hanging around Kins's hand
still Mrs Anderson screaming and running downstairs outside to stop the fire from coming any further.
From that momment, she knew her kid was special, she just not know what kind of special was back then.
5 years later, it's Kins's 9th birthday. The whole family gather together to celebrate. Mr and Mrs Anderson
give Kins a small wolf for her birthday gift, she name him Ryo, means exceed and survive. You can tell she's
half Asian just by seeing her pet's name. A year after that, Ryo, from being a normal wolf, slowly turned
really weird. His fur from being brown and slightly shaggy, turned into platinum white, so smooth and
too actually. The Anderson's family thought something was wrong with Ryo, maybe he get sick or sum, but

the veterinary institute said that Ryo is completely fine, the reasons why his fur turning into an other color
is a
normal things seeing in wolf. Who know the doctor that exam Ryo is a wizard.
Back to Kins, her things with fire have been hide to all the neighbor and relatives to protect her. There's
nothing that Mr and Mrs Anderson wouldn't do for their daughter. It's been 10 years go by, and finally,
they can rest protecting their kid for a long time now.
2010, Kins just turn 11, ah you know the rest.

And the journey begin.

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