Narcissa Slytherin

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Manager of the Hogwarts Prophet, Slytherin Heiress, Mind-Reader

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Name: Narcissa Adalinda Slytherin

Parents: Bellatrix Riddle (nee Lestrange) and Tom Riddle

Sister(s): Grace, Lyra and Stefania

Brother(s): Draco

Aunt(s): Narcissa Malfoy, Andromeda Tonks

Uncle(s): Lucius Malfoy, Ted Tonks

SIDE NOTE about this section: Lyra and Draco are like siblings to me, although we are cousins (explained in Magical Me, a biography of me)


My Pets (And a House Elf!):

Lizzy: A Bowtruckle

Fee: A Fairy

Starya: A Fwooper

My Backstory: Click Here!

First - Year Grades:

Charms -         A

DADA -           O

Herbology -    A

History Of Magic - A

Transfiguration - A

Potions - A

Flying - E


Second - Year Grades:

Care for Magical Creatures - E

Ancient Runes -


Third - Year Grades:

Care for Magical Creatures - E


Fourth - Year Grades:

Care for Magical Creatures -

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