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My mom is a pure-blood. My dad is a muggle. I am a metamorphmagus just like my mom. My dad died when I was 7 now I live with my mom. I am a Ravenclaw. My hair color is black and blue. 

I had a wonderful life before i lost my dad. After the accident my mom started teaching me dark arts. Which make me fell in love with DADA at first it was exiting. Then it became worst. i was exited for hogwarts because i could escape my mom. By the time i start my second year of hogwarts i ran away from home. My aunt found me and bring me to her house. She took care of me. I began to love writing since my aunt is a writer. One day i started missing hogwarts, so i got back. After sneaking in i heard some strangers talking about my aunt. They mention that my aunt is the one who killed my dad. I was shock then confronted her when i got back. She admit it and tried to murder me but i murdered her on accident. I have to admit that if my mom didn't teach me all that stuff, i could've died. I went back home. After i got there i told my mom everything. She was happy that i avenged my dad and that i was okay. From there we bond and have a close mother-daughter relationship.

Family : 

  • Mom

  • Dad

  • Aunt 1

  • Aunt 2 (the nice one) 

Hobby : Writing, Reading, Do art

What i love : listening to music, Hogwarts, my mom, my loving aunt, and more

Job : Writer (i am also in a book club) 

Friends : Hermione Ravenclaw (willing to make more) 

Status : Offline (Hogwarts) 

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