"Bitch you're my soulmate"~ Maddie Perez

"It was the fact that she knew no matter what he did, She'd still love him"

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Name:: Reana

Age:: 18-20 

Sexuality:: Lesbian

[irl + hih] Status:: (hih) Taken by scarlett (irl) Crush

Children:: (irl) My son <3

Nicknames:: Riri (only Scarlett) R (anyone)

Friends:: Everyone on this account , Abigail , Camilla and Scarlett

Family:: Mom , dad , Lilttle sister (stillborn) And my son


Name:: Zoe 

Age:: 17-19

Sexuality:: Bi bitch 

[irl + hih] Status:: (hih) single heh (irl) My perfect babyboy <3

Children::  none 

Nicknames:: Zo (anyone) Zoya-khoya (all the people on this account) Dick-had (Jackson , my brother) Zozo (only nat)

Friends:: Everyone on this account , Lilah and Celeste , Emmey (aka ember , imy so much bestie) , Timothy, Maddie, Nat 

Family::  Bio mom (passed) Bio Dad (unknown) Mom , Papa , Jackson and my little sister


Name:: Jackson 

Age:: 16-19

Sexuality:: Bi

[irl + hih] Status:: (hih) single (irl) Taken by Karan

Children:: None

Nicknames:: Jack-jack (my sister , zoe) Bubba (Chloe) 

"dummy || jacky"(jennie)

Friends:: Everyone on this account , Jennie , Chloe

Family:: Bio mom (passed) Bio dad (unknown) , Mom , Papa , Zoe , My little sister


Name:: Noah 

Age:: 18-20 

Sexuality:: Straight

[irl + hih] Status:: (hih) taken by Anna {idek what to say..} (irl) Taken by my princess

Children:: none

Nicknames:: Cute prince (anna <3)

Friends:: Everyone on this account , Anna

Family:: Mom , dad , Grandma


Name:: Karina

Age::  20-22

Sexuality:: Pan

[irl + hih] Status:: (hih) single and has little friends (irl) Master <3

Children:: (irl) My baby <3 <3

Nicknames:: Kari

Friends:: Chloe , Dane 

Family:: Mom , dad , sister , brother , Abulela 


Name:: Brandon 

Age:: 18-20

Sexuality:: Hetro

[irl + hih] Status:: (hih) Taken by by chloe <3  (irl) She fucked my bestfriend :|

Children:: (irl) Nope (hih) nope but i consider Chloe's children as mine too : ) 

Nicknames:: Daddy (ONLY chloe) Dondonadondon (my friends !!)

Friends:: Everyone on this account , Chloe , Kathy, Kimmy

Family:: Mom (passed) Dad , Brother , sister

the rest is in progress but here are our other members ~ liam,marcus and ross,(all are taken)

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