alexandra satan riddle

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"if you break my heart,

you just might lose your head"


alexandra satan riddle

What can we say about this girl? lets start by her attitude


lex (short form of alexandra ) has a badass attitude to say the least. she is sassy, savage, brutal and a psyco. she is really savage to the people she does not know but is sweet as a chocolate frog to her best friends and people she likes and adores. she has a bit of an ego. she loves to write, sleep, manipulate, kill people(only when she is super pissed or on her periods. sodont mess with her during these time periods) read and dress up. her behaviour is nice and respectful to adults(the ones which she has a good feeling about) but the same cant be said for her fellow classmates. she was formerly studying in beuxbatons but quit as she felt like a girl in the school. she is a tomboy and hates really girly girls with a passion. it takes patience to deal with her and a long time to crack her outer shell.



Lex was the daughter of a rich family but was kidnapped by her father, you-know-who. she was with her original family for precisly 3 years. she was blood adopted by her father when she saved her father from dying due to her dark core.  


as mentioned above, lex was adopted by you-know-who after she saved him. she lives with her father, her siblings morticia and malcolm, her aunt is bellatrix lestrange, her uncles are Barty Crouch, Jr Fenrir, Greyback,Corban Yaxley, Antonin Dolohov, Thorfinn etc 

her closest friend is draco malfoy and her favourite death eater is narcissa malfoy. all her family members are close to her and she can harm anyone who tried to harm them. her original name was evangeline everly guienevere. she belonged to a light family to which she did not belong as she had a dark core. her original father anton guienevere was a rich man but was also a drunkard which meant he was usually wasted when he came home.  during some harsh cnditions, he would also beat lex with a belt. she has white scars on her body due to this (you will get to know about her appearance soon) her original mother gwendolyn died while giving birth to her. she has a brother mattheo who was her original brother. she still keeps in touch with him and both are as tight as a rubberband. 


lex is  fair toned with strawberry blonde hair that come upto her breasts. her right eyebrow has a thin slit at the end. her back has enough number of scratches and white coloured scars from the beatings. though unnoticible, she has a  circular scar along her wrist from a particularly harsh beating. she has pearly white teeth, dimples on both cheeks which show when she smiles or talks. her eyes are a cobalt blue with black rims. she has an athletic body due to her brother malcolm who is a fitness freak.

relationship status 

currently she id dating marcus aguellero lopez


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