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Gwendolyn Bitterwood

/General Info/

Full Name: Gwendolyn Amaryliss Bitterwood

Nickname: Gwen

Age: 11-17 (it just depends on the year that I'm going to roleplay)

Date of birth: September 21st

Species: Human

Sexuality: Bisexual

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Pureblood

House: Ravenclaw



Hair style: Straight down to back, parted

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Blue

Skin color: Fair

Distinguishing features: N/A

Accessories: Black necklace, choker, and a few rings


Uniform: Ravenclaw uniform

Outside clothing: white laced sundress with flowers on sides

Tattoos: none



Likes: reading, studying, making friends

Dislikes: mud, getting spells wrong, and bullying

Hobbies: writing, reading, painting

Personality: Gwendolyn is sweet, funny, loyal, and independent but can be short-tempered and quite competitive.


/Favorite Things/

DADA, Nifflers, Hippogriffs, flowers, just about everything considering nature (not mud. Quite ironic.)



Gwendolyn was raised by her parents Carrie and William Bitterwood who were the nicest people you could ever meet. They lived in a tiny cottage around the forest and could never end their week without going out for a walk in the forest. Gwendolyn grew to love nature and the animals that she could find. But, her father William died shortly before she got her Hogwarts letter in the mail which struck her. She couldn't even be happy about the acceptance letter because of her late father. But, by the time she got there she was excited and then sorted into Ravenclaw, though hoping she'd be in Hufflepuff like her mom had. She didn't mind much, having amazing friends in Ravenclaw anyway.

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