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She/Them, (Roleplays /?), Pansexual

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Stuff I won’t Rp:

• Human x Anything

• Dark Topic

• Sexual Assault

• Double Oc Rp

• Beastality

• Abusive

• Toxic

• Controlling

• Self - Harm

• Eating Disorder

• Adoption


Wall Rule’s:

• No Spamming!!

• No Minor’s over 18+!!

• No Advertisements of any kind!!

• No Bullying, Trans/Homophobic Behavior, Sexist/Racist’s Behavior, No Mocking Comments, no replying to starters on my wall or etc please and thank you!!

• No Games/Polls/Quizzes, Newsletters, ___ Only as I have no use for them or want them!!

Roleplay Rule’s:

• No Minor’s Please!!

• Give time for Replies as I do have a life outside of HiH!!

• NO Spamming please, I will reply whenever I have time!!

• Help write the story and give details, as I don’t want to be the one to do the extra work!!

• Write at least a paragraph whenever you respond please, as I am a semi lit writer and will not respond to semi liners or one word responses!!

• If you have an idea in mind please tell me I’m all up for ideas as sometimes I won’t be able to do one!!

• Please use the proper, speech marks as I will not tolerate asterisks [**] as they confuse me sometimes!!

• Please, do not ghost, let me know if you get tired of the Rp, and or are busy outside of HiH and want to take a break as I understand that life gets busy!!

• If you wish to start a new Rp please, let me know as I know doing the same Rp can get kind of boring and I wouldn’t mind doing a new one!!

• If you have a starter and wish to use it, give me a heads up since sometimes I will write a starter, based on the ideas we have and I don’t mind having others start as sometimes I won’t be able to!!


Ship Roleplay:

Fandom: COD

- Soap x Ghost

- Farah x Alex

- Price x Nikolai 

- Gaz x Soap

- Kate x Price

- Kate x Milena

- Task 141

Fandom: Hunger Games

- Peeta x Katniss

- Katniss x Finnick

- Gale x Peeta

- Peeta x Finnick

- Gale x Katniss

Fandom: Walking Dead

- Rick x Darly

- Carol x Darly

- Lori x Rick

- Carl x Enid

- Maggie x Glenn

Fandom: Harry Potter [there is more Ask!]

- Drarry

- Jegulus

- Jilly

- Wolfstar

- Moon Water

- Rose Killer


Fandom Roleplay:

‣ Harry Potter

‣ Chronicles of Narnia

‣ Hunger Games

‣ Maze Runner

‣ The Conjuring [1 and 2]

‣ The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

‣ Annabelle

‣ The Nun

‣ Stranger Things

‣ Outer Banks

‣ Dorien Gray

‣ Walking Dead

‣ Until Dawn

‣ Sam and Colby

‣ TFIL/OverNight

‣ The 100

‣ Umbrella Academy

‣ The Kingsman

‣ Game Over, Man!

‣ Black Butler

‣ Attack on Titan

‣ Hunter x Hunter

‣ Criminal Minds

‣ GunSlinger Girl 

‣ The Witcher

‣ The Last Kingdom

‣ YOU [only first and some of Second Season]

‣ Wednesday

‣ Body Guard

‣ Designated Survivor

‣ DAHMER [only till episode 6]

‣ All of Us are Dead

‣ Death Note

‣ Fairy Tale

‣ The Promised to Neverland

‣ Sword Art Online

‣ The Blue Exorcist

‣ Dragon Ball Z

‣ Dragon Ball Z Kai

‣ Dragon Ball Gt

‣ Ouran Highschool Host Club

‣ piano in the forest

‣ Yu-Gi-Oh

‣ Twilight

‣ Five Nights at Freddy’s

‣ Last of Us

‣ COD - Ghost 

‣ COD - MW2 Remastered [2009] 

‣ COD - MW3 Remastered [2016] 

‣ COD - MW3 [2023]

‣ Bee Keeper

‣ Little Hope

‣ The Quarry

‣ How to Train Your Dragon

‣ Walking Dead - Tv Show

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