Elinna Wyse

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♥ Art ♥ Reading ♥ Studying ♥ Nature ♥ Partyyy ♥


I was born on the 16th of June in Alderley Edge to a family of muggles. Though, my family name, and the legends of witches in my home town have had me long suspecting that I must have at least one magical ancestor. My mother and sister whom I live with when outside of Hogwarts are disapproving of magic and though my mother is nice enough about it to my face, my sister says that my mother is actually scared of me, glad to be rid of me while I'm at school, and believes me to be "of the devil", I hope she's just saying it to be mean and that it's not true! I would love to study ghosts and try to meet a magical ancestor of mine that I actually have things in common with!

I'd wanted to be a Hufflepuff as I love badgers, they're so cute! But the sorting hat placed me in Ravenclaw without any hesitation. I always thought I didn't suit blue clothing at all, but I am indeed the air sign of Gemini and I love to study, joking about creating a new 'book club' with almost every new person I meet, so now that I'm here I've accepted that the hat is probably right. I do however have doubts about my intelligence, for example it's currently 5:45am while I'm writing this and I am still not in bed.

My patronus is the Orca. It's really pretty and wasn't what I was expecting at all. Obviously I wanted something cute but cool like a wolf, but watching a glowing orca swim through the air as if the whole world were underwater took my breath away and I'm now really happy about it. (future)

My favourite subject at muggle school was Geography because the world is full of wonderful cultures that many people don't even seem to know are out there. The country I most want to visit is Dominica. (I love this site: https://virtualvacation.us/guess)

I'm not sure what my favourite Hogwarts subject is since I've just begun, I like Astronomy and Flying and I'm especially looking forward to taking Herbology, and Magical Creatures.

Wand: Hornbeam wood with a Dragon core 13" and a Solid flexibility
Pets: Siamese Rat named Maya, Roborovski Hamster named Hawthorn
Boggart: Unknown until I find out in class

Non-Hogwarts Interests: art, animals, learning japanese, sims 4, fiction books, fairy folklore
Favourite Music: Bea Miller
Favourite TV show: Hotel Del Luna
Favourite HP characters: Chiara Lobosca, Merula Snyde, Lupin, & Neville (Draco is hot damn but in canon you can't deny he's kinda a nazi)

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