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biographical information 

full name : melania lyla cuervo 

date of birth : 10 / sep / 1981

age : 10 - 17 [ depends on the year ]

sun sign : virgo

moon sign : capricorn

ascendant / rising : cancer

gender : cis female

nationality : spanish 

ethnicity : biracial, spanish father & filipina mother


hair : black, wavy, elbow-length 

eye color : honey-brown

skin color : olive

height : 1.63 m / 163 cm / 5'4"

weight : 44 kg / 97 lbs

special features : freckles !!

dominant hand : right

hogwarts information 

house : slytherin 

hatstall : ravenclaw

blood status : half blood

hogwarts pet : black turkish angora named pebble >3<

amortentia [ what others smell  ] : dark chocolate, rain, bread, arabian oud

amortentia [ what she smells ] : idk

wand wood : ebony

wand core : dragon heart-string

wand length : 12 inch

wand flexibility : rigid

patronus : raven

animagus : lol nope

best class : potions

worst class : astronomy [ not horrible, but not outstanding either ]

known relationships 

father : aurelio cuervo / deceased

mother : vilma rosales / alive

grand-aunt : agila rosales / alive

siblings : none

best friends : nobody yet :/

enemies : nobody yet :/

love interest : [ ew ] but nobody yet :/

ideal type : [ hHhahhAh ] a cute, tall xnfp hufflepuff boy maybe :3


mbti : intj-t

enneagram : 5

attire : dark academia 

good traits : ambitious, clever, determined, quick-thinker, rational

bad traits : aloof, impatient, judgemental, cold, emotionally unavailable 

likes : dark chocolate, history books, rainy days, bread, arabian oud, her cat pebble, daydreaming, cinnamon rolls

dislikes : pure-blood suprimacists, crowds, incompetence, superstitious people [ black cats are not bad luck >:1 ], probably you lol, r o m a n c e

backstory [ tw for m/rder ]

born a half-blood, melania was only two when her father, aurelio, was m/rdered by his family for marrying her mother, vilma, a muggle-born. aurelio's family vowed to k/ll both vilma and their daughter, which was why she fled to london, england and starting living with her lonely aunt agila rosales.

to protect her daughter, she got rid of all wizarding items such as wands, potions and flying brooms. she raised melania as a normal, muggle city girl. having no memory of the wizarding world or her father and his dark family, she was oblivious to the fact that she was a witch. 

but it was all revealed to her one night, when she overheard her grand-aunt warning her mother, vilma, about the time melania finds out everything regarding her wizard father, his family and the hidden world of magic.

about the roleplayer

name : zaina

age : 15 [ minor ]

pronouns : she / her

mbti : intj-t

enneagram : 5

triggers : nsfw


  • no nsfw / 18+ roleplays. I AM A MINOR.

  • do NOT control my oc

  • be patient with me, i am not online 24/7

  • no mary sues / gary stus or overpowered ocs >:1

  • your character must have flaws too, obviously...

  • don't cry if my oc roasts your oc, it is a ROLEPLAY

  • your oc can hate my oc, but not me ??

  • do not roleplay like this... *eats food* *sits down* *uncontrollable crying*. please be descriptive. 

  • i am not asking you to write an essay or a paragraph. but, at least reply in 2 - 3 complete sentences ??

  • i will add more rules if necessary, thank you for reading :]

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