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I'm Celeste Alara Chang-Diggory I'm their daughter and my second house would be Hufflepuff but the hat choose Ravenclaw, for me. I'm always up for Rp just ask!

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Sooo welcome Everyone to a Ravenclaw’s Page!!!!


I was only 11 whenever I got my letter as I was just chilling on my bed while mother was out shopping. I was really excited to have gotten it during my birthday as my mother was excited for me but Mostly worried which I can understand as she went through her years wasn’t that fun as I lost my dad during her time. I’m in my 4th year now getting ready to be going into my 5th year and what’s surprising is that one of my moms friends will be teaching next Year as I can’t wait to be taught by Mr. Potter as I heard from mom he was very talented during his time and still is! Well I guess I gotta get back to potions class as I need to learn how to make a Amortentia potions so Ta-Ta for now!!



About Me

Hell I’m Celeste, and My house is Ravenclaw as you can see but my second house would’ve been Hufflepuff due to my dad Oh I’m also a pureblood wizard too!

Patronus- Sea Turtle

Amortentia- Sponge Cake, Lavendar, Himilayian Salt, Cedar Wood, Moss, Apples [Yellow Ones], Papper/Ink

Boggart- being alone

Mirror of Erised- Seeing my dad for the first time



Mother-Cho Chang

Father- Cedric Diggory


Rp Rules

Please do respect my rules as I do. Have these set please and Thank You!! 

~ No Spamming, God Mod, or being childish Please if you are I will not continue the Rp thanks

~ Give me some time to think as I will you So please, don’t pressure me into responding quickly.

~ Don’t ask me to fix my sentences as I’m just getting used to writing longer sentences okay thanks!

~Please for first responses or if you can do this Please write a full sentence so I can know how to respond to your reply [Full sentences is about 5-6 in a paragraph.] Thanks!

Fandom/Muggle Rp’s

♌ 100 

♌ Chronicles of Narnia

♌ Harry Potter

♌ Stranger Things

♌ Until Dawn [Horror Video Game]

♌ First Kill


Muggle Rp

♌ Student x Teacher

♌ Principal x Student

♌ Friends to Lovers

♌ Forbidden Rp [ Mother x Daughter Father x Son that type!]

♌ Enemies to Lovers

♌ Mafia x Cop

♌ Yandere Youtuber x New Youtuber/Fan

Ways to CONTACT ME if HiH goes Down!





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