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.... What a selfish sister She Was.

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"You're A Class Act Sister. Sister, Thought I Missed Her. Bet You Wouldn't Miss Her."

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My patience is waning. Is this entertaining?

Our patience is waning. Is this entertaining?”

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Hi, and welcome to my page I’m Melanie Mary-Anne Izabella Granger [Yes I’m related to THEE Hermione Granger ugh I swear people need to stop praising her!] if you wonder who I am well I’m the forgotten sister of Hermione and no one knows my story which is sad *rolls eyes sarcastically* NOT! But it is a good one though as I’ve become friends with Draco Malfoy as we both become Death Eaters together.


Name: Melanie Mary-Anne Izabella Granger

Sister: Hermione Granger

Parents: [I call them Asshole #1 and Asshole #2 but] there called Fredrick Granger and Evelyn Granger.


Birthday: Same as Draco [even though I wish I was his sister and not this brats.!!]

Patronus: Snake [which is Ironic as that’s not even my house!]

House: Ravenclaw

Second House:Slytherin [Wish the hat put me here instead but IT only saw me for my Smarts! Ughhhh]


Amortentia:Sea Salt, Ocean Water, Black Berries, Mushrooms, Melted Snow, Honey, Sugar, Tea, Dust, Fire/Smoke, Old Books, Paper/Ink

The Most distinctive Smell: Fire/Smoke, Dust, and Sea Salt


Animagus: Black Cat

Boggart: Losing Draco [as he is my closest and only friend!]

Mirror of Erised: Having someone see me for me and not my sister!




Growing up with Hermione was dreadful as neither of my parents had noticed I existed. As I got older I had to practically Raise myself, which might I add was DIFFICULT. Once me and my [Dreadful Sister] received our Hogwarts letters Mother and Father, had gone and taken my sister to get her supplies while they left me at home and so I had to make my own journey down to Diagonally. There I had ended up bumping into a [Who I didn’t know what a Pureblood was at the time!] Pureblood family. I had introduced myself to them and was shocked slightly to see them talking with me as I remembered them telling me all about the wizarding world. As the first day of Hogwarts had come I of course was left behind AGAIN! And I had luckily had remembered to write a letter to the Malfoy family, and they came and picked me up so me and Draco [Who by the way I have been writing letters to him all summer!] wouldn’t be late to the train. As I sat with him, he kept telling me all about the Wizarding World which I was grateful for! I knew that two other people had entered the car as well [Which later I knew I’d be best friends with forever!] as Draco had explained to me their names and Family [In the beginning Pansy didn’t like me because I wasn’t a pureblood.] But she eventually got over it and that’s where my Journey Starts!!


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