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"Legends never die."

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soo...apparently I'm supposed to reveal all my personal information here..I probably shouldn't do being me I will.

age :

I will not reveal my age on this website..with that being said..I will reveal this - my age is in between 11 - 16 (I'm not 11)

blood status :  (I think of every person of magic equal though)


parents / traditions :

my parents are names Theodore Wang and Grace Wang. my dad took my mother's name because her name has more influence and power in the Wizarding World. my parents are really strict on traditions, they care a lot about grades and reputation. they want me to be really sucessful when I'm older and therefore are very strict.

appearance :

Caramel brown hair that goes just below shoulders, hazel eyes (brown with hints of green), tan complexion, average height for my age (maybe a little on the short side) and impeccable fashion sense.

house :


favourite subjects :

DADA and Charms

personality : (well at least what I think my personality is like)

sarcastic, always up to banter, kind (in a way), curious, helpful (I hope), studious (enforced by parents of course), will always stand up for myself, maybe just a bit of..okay..a lot of self love, sort of argumentative, a bit shy at first, confident (some times) and the tiniest bit posh. But it's all part of my charm!

hobbies :

I dance. In fact I spend most of my free time in dance lessons or dancing. I do competitive dancing..but maybe not the type your thinking of. I'm a breakdancer. I also like to write stories, draw flowers and read dystopian/futuristic/fantasy and horror books. I play piano (courtesy of my parents) and take Chinese lessons twice a week (woww courtesy of my parents again!!)

sports :

well I do dance and before you say "oh! dance isn't a sport, it's easy..blah blah blah." sure it might not be considered a sport but that doesn't mean it can't be one. please...try hold your whole body weight on your hands upside down, spin on your head, control certain parts of your body, flip backwards, find beat and flow with the music and spend hours perfecting every move..then call me.

ok sorry about that. alright..I also do soccer/futsal and is alright..I enjoy it but not as much as the other things I do. and guess who said I should do it?? that's family! they said.."we all do it except for have to do it!" so yeah.

wand :

maple wood with pheonix core, 10" and hard flexibility.   

patronus :

a literal aardvark 

zodiac sign : (this might come as a bit of a surprise)


personality type :


pronouns :


sexuality :

I'm closeted but none of you know me in real life so I'm bi 

and yeah that's about it. feel free to owl me or post on my wall if you wanna rp, do homework together and basically whatever! byee (:



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