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"Oh, Your Alive........Great!"

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“And the ground began to shake, No time left to hit the brake, That little light was closing in, And suddenly I'm floating.”

My Aesthetic: Made By myself



Hello, and welcome everyone to those who come across my lovely page. 

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  • Thank You for Following if you, decided to as I do appreciate it though I don’t know what I did for the follow!

  • Please, do behave as I will not tolerate childish behavior, as I will not allow that to slide on my page as it is unnecessary!

  • If you’d like to Roleplay, let me know by sending a message or by sending an Owl alright if I don’t get back to you it’s probably because I’m busy so don’t worry I will eventually get to you lovely people!!

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    Here in case the site is down or Owls, Private Group, or just posting on my page Doesn’t work for you!

    [Though I’m more active on Discord but you can still use my Email, Pinterest or my other stuff!!]


    Discord: CookieMonster#1434

    Pinterest: @LittleCookieMonster92

    Quotev: LittleCookieMonster

    Instagram: littlecookiemonster92



    Now let’s get to my information alrighty Folks though it might not be important as much as my Roleplay info but hey it’s here!!


    Nesta Mae Everen


    Name Meaning:


    Nesta Meaning: Pure 


    Everen Meaning: Universe






    Affable, Pessimistic, Methodical, Well-mannered, Forms strong bonds, Careful, Decisive, Mature, Solitary, Competitive, Awkward, Trusting, Instinctive, A peace-maker, a trouble-maker, Artistic,Self-assured, and Laid-back.



    12 inches/30 cm Baywood



    July 31st, 1980



    11-18 [depending on year/Rp]


    Star Sign:



    Favorite Song:

    Song Title: Underground Artist: Cody Fry

    Song Title: I Know You Want Me Artist: Pitbull



    Mother- Nieve Everen

    Father- Abraham Everen



    Older Brother: Jasper Ace Age: 24 Year Old


    Little Sister: Luna Nyx Age: 5 years Old:



    Luna Lovegood

    Ronald Weasley [Since Childhood]

    Harry Potter

    Hermione Granger

    Cedric Diggory

    Cho Chang

    Fred Weasley [Since Childhood]

    George Weasley [Since Childhood]

    Draco Malfoy

    Blaise Zabini

    Pansy Parkinson

    Matteo Riddle

    Astoria Greengrass

    Neville Longbottom


    Favorite Classes:





    Least Favorite Classes:



    Muggle Studies



    Honeysuckle, Bluebells, Mint Toothpaste, Old Books, Dragon scales, Golden Apple, Honeydew, Animal Fur, Snake Venom, Grass/Dirt, Ocean Water, and Sea Salt.


    Animagus: Dachshunds


    Losing anyone close to me.



    Well, folks this is where I take my leave as I’ve introduced myself to you all! If you wish to chat besides Rp please just post on my page and not in my owls as that is what I use for my Roleplays please and thank you!!



    Warning: I only do MxM, FxF, and for Ships I only do FxM for as in exception!

    Oc’s Section: 

    Fandom: Umbrella Academy

    Christopher Garner

    Arianna Hargreeves


    Fandom: Maze Runner




    Starter Section:

    Extra Starter Link

    Harry Potter || Regulus x James || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp


    Rule’s Section: Please, do try and follow my rules please, as I will do my best to follow your’s!

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  • Please, do help write the Action/Romance in the Rp if there will be any as I hate having to do all the writing myself so please do help out Please and Thank You!!

  • Do, say your Oc’s name at least once, in every other reply as I will have different Rp’s going on and it will get very tricky to remember who’s name goes to what Person!

  • I’m fine with anything that goes on in a Rp, so please, only use whatever you're comfortable with as I’d hate to make you uncomfortable!

  • Do write at least a paragraph when roleplaying with me as I will not respond to One-Liners as it’s very difficult to respond to those.

  • Do NOT SPAM, please as I’m very busy outside HiH and I won’t always have time to respond like normal people okay, so please give me time to reply to your Owls!!

  • Have FUN, do enjoy writing the Roleplay since you asked to start one please do enjoy it if you ever feel like stopping let me know as I will be pretty Okay with stopping the Rp okay so don’t feel obligated to keep writing if you don’t have any inspiration but do let me know if you plan to quiet!

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    –  Harry Potter

    –  Chronicles of Narnia

    –  Maze Runner

    –  Pirates of the Caribbean

    –  Fast and Furious

    –  Stranger Things

    –  Hunger Games

    –  Criminal Minds

    –  Twilight

    –  Walking Dead

    –  Alice in Wonderland

    –  All of us are Dead

    –  Last of Us

    –  Until Dawn

    –  Dead of Night

    –  Body Guard

    –  Designated Survivor

    –  How to Train a Dragon

    –  Encanto

    –  TFIL/OverNight

    –  Sam and Colby

    –  100

    –  The Last Kingdom

    –  The Witcher

    –  Hunter x Hunter

    –  Yu-Gi-Oh!

    –  Black Butler

    –  Outlast


    Ship Rp’s:

    – Regulus x Lily x James

    – Draco x Harry

    – Hermione x Matteo

    – Neville x Blaise

    – Hermione x Harry

    – Ron x Blaise

    – James x Sirius

    – Neville x Pansy

    – Luna x Hermione

    – Draco x Ron

    – Blaise x Draco

    – Hermione x Pansy

    – Remus x Sirius

    – Regulus x James

    – Hermione x Draco

    – Max x Elven

    – Billy x Steve

    – Jonathan x Eddie

    – Mike x Will

    – Eddie x Steve

    – Nancy x Robin

    – Peter Pevensie x Caspian

    – Susan Pevensie x Caspian

    – Jj x Hotch

    – Penelope x Morgan

    – Spencer x Jj

    – Morgan x Spencer

    – Outer Banks

    – First Kill


    Muggle Roleplay:

    – Friends to Lovers

    – Enemies to Lovers

    – Lovers to Enemies to Lovers

    – Assian x Assassinator

    – Cop x Criminal

    – Queen x Servant

    – King x Servant

    – Prince x Guard

    – Princess x Guard

    – Prince x Lower Class

    – Princess x Lower Class

    – Mafia  Leader x FBI

    – Right hand Man x Mafia Leader

    – Yandere! X Anything

    – Innocent x Dominant

    – Hero x Villain

    – Experiment x Scientist

    – Doctor x Nurse

    – Mother x Daughter

    – Mother x Son

    – Step-Mother x Daughter

    – Step-Mother x Son

    – Father x Daughter

    – Father x Son

    – Step-Father x Daughter

    – Step-Father x Son

    – Brother x Brother

    – Sister x Sister

    – Brother x Sister

    – Step-Brother x Brother

    – Step-Brother x SIster

    – Quiet Girl x Popular Girl

    – Popular Girl x Quiet Boy

    – Popular Boy x Quiet Girl

    – Quiet Boy x Popular Girl

    – Student x Teacher

    – Principal x Student

    – Side-Kick x Hero

    – Side-Kick x Villian

    – Step-Sister x Sister

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Son




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