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You find yourself in possession of a weathered piece of parchment... It seems relatively new in regards to the birth of the subject, Solanine Hopkirk, but still, it seems to have had plenty of hand-traffic. Attached, there are five black-and-white photographs loosely paperclipped to the file. You focus on that.

The top of the stack is Solanine's photograph. Moving on, you fold it upwards to find an image of a blonde, older man, with enchanting, silver eyes- just like his son. The back reads "Damascus J. Hopkirk." The third image is of a woman with curly, black hair, untouched by the thick blotting of ink over her face, bleeding through to erase all semblance of her name. You flip that aside, too. The next is of a younger woman- a near mirror-image of the previous. Her gaze is cold and unrelenting. "Alicent M. Hopkirk." Lastly, there is the warped photograph of a silken blonde woman, her face covered in hastily splattered ink. You inspect each for a date, and they all are relatively recent. Besides the third, which was anything but.

Moving onto the file itself, there are plenty of aspects that have been redacted- all in accordance to the photographs, a mother and a sister were intentionally inked over in the record. When you hold the file up to wand light, there is nothing to be seen through it. The ink has bled entirely through the thick, velveteen paper. You have no time to investigate further. You return the file in its rightful place, as though it were entirely untouched…

♦ Deutsches Ministerium für Magie ♦
♦ The German Ministry of Magic♦

[FILE NUMBER: 1824-3000-1978-A]
[Azkaban Prisoner Identification: 104501193]

Solanine Jackson Hopkirk
Status: Pureblood
D.O.B. 23/12/1978
Birthplace: Essen, Germany

Head of the Department of the Regulation of Magical Inventions

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 170 cm / 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Skintone: Fair
Eyes: Goldenrod Yellow
Hair: Black. Mildly curly in texture

Pinewood, Dragon Core. 12 ½", Supple Flexibility, St. Couranth's, Berlin, Germany


Durmstrang Institute of Magic
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Immediate Family
Mother[FILE NUMBER: ■■■■-■■■■-■■■■-
■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■, ■■■■■■
D.O.B: ■■/■■/■■■■

Father[FILE NUMBER: 8376-88-3090-B]
Damascus James Hopkirk,
D.O.B. 06/04/1953

Sister[FILE NUMBER: 1824-3000-1983-B]
Alicent Mary Hopkirk, Pureblood
D.O.B. 16/10/1983

Sister[FILE NUMBER: ■■■■-■■■■-■■■■-]
■■■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■
D.O.B: ■■/■■/■■■■

♦ Deutsches Ministerium für Magie 
♦ The German Ministry of Magic

Any unauthorized access of redacted documents in regard to this confidential file are punishable by the hand of the International Confederation of Wizards and each individual Ministry.

Every character mentioned in the Ministry file of Solanine Hopkirk is available to roleplay with. This includes: Solanine Hopkirk, Alicent Hopkirk, Damascus Hopkirk, and (with deliberation of Solanine's backstory) all characters redacted in the official Ministry file. This includes the gender-inverse version of Solanine in an Alternate-Universe, Solstice Hopkirk. 


 ♦A Brief History of the Hopkirk Family
The archaic and reputable Hopkirk name is of British descent, and is in recorded wizarding history dating back to the 6th Century. In the extant documents found, there was a Mr. Callistus Hopkirk was notably recognized for his golden irises- a trait that is still considered indicative of his decendent's Pureblood status. To this day, the family is one of the few eldest, and verifiable Pureblood families left in Britain, to the International Ministry of Magic records.

The family is rumored to be followers of Lord Voldemort, although there is no verifiable evidence of such in modern generations. Persons of that following would most likely be aware, but keep that from the public sphere. The Hopkirk family is affluent.


 ♦The Hopkirk Legacy
The Hopkirk Legacy consists not of the reputation of being one of the oldest recorded Pureblood Wizarding families in Britain, nor the aesthetic trait of golden eyes. The Legacy is built on Callistus Hopkirk's rumored inventions, being the Pensieve. There is no reliable source, but the family holds great weight in the preservation of memory- long past death and traditional means, such as enchanted portraiture. For fourteen centuries, the direct bloodline leading back to Callistus' firstborn male, Alasdair Hopkirk, have all become great Artificers, imbuing their creations with the arcane. These items are not reliably tracked- some being lost within the markets of cursed items, a small majority being held by international museums, and the rest being held in several Gringotts vaults throughout Britain.

Currently, the first-born male of the descendant of Callistus Hopkirk is raised to inherit the role of the Head of the Department of Regulation of Magical Inventions in the British Ministry of Magic, and will gain control of all artifacts, land and properties upon the death or relinquishment of the role by the predecessor.


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•Non-player characters should be decided on to control, as to who sees fit.
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•Vague reference of implicit sexual content is okay if it is contextually fitting (16+)
•There isn't often swearing and other previously unmentioned explicit topics- you can ask to omit those things.

The Author

Please be aware that I will not be sharing my name. In light of this, please refer to me as Solanine.
I am not comfortable sharing personal information beyond a general reason as to why I am on an extended hiatus.

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I am open to other kinds of universes/media outside of Harry Potter. Out of preference, I would like to keep it within the Fantasy genre. That includes: Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition), Lord of the Rings (Not including: The Rings of Power), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, The Legend of Vox Machina, and Interview with the Vampire (2022). I do not enjoy the Marvel, DC, Percy Jackson, or Hunger Games universes, apologies. The list of applicable series will grow, as I am venturing into series such as The Witcher and The Wheel of Time. 

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