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We are the MARAUDERS.

[Note: Romance and FxF or MxM Please, though I can do FxM though it's a rare occasion that I do one!]

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Here’s where to find me beside HiH!


Pinterest: @moonypadfootprongsstargazer 

Discord: Star Gazer Prongs#0680



Original Oc’s:

Muggle: Male

Caiden Finch

Sam Navarro


Muggle: Female

Hope Eva Santiago

Evangeline Rodriguez



[Note: I can do anything for Muggle so just ask!!]


My Aesthetic:


Arabella Ava-Rose Andersen






Muggle Born



March 27, 1960 [Same as James, my bestest mate.]



Samuel Rodger Anderson

Paula Evangaline Anderson








Childhood Best Friends:

James Fleamont Potter

Peter Pettigrew


Friends from Hogwarts:

Remus Lupin 

Sirius Black [Boyfriend/Husband]

Lily Evans

Marlene Mcknight

Regulus Black



14 inches/36 cm Ash Wood [Core: fairy wing] Very Flexible



Chocolate Frogs, Liquorice Wands, Lemon Squares, Dogs, Cats, Playing Pranks with my friends.



Spiders, Spice, small spaces, Blood, Insects, Lighting


Marauder Nickname:

Bambi or Wisp










Little bit of Jame’s cologne, Strawberries, Wolf Hair, grass/dirt, lemon, honey, lavender, brown sugar, sea salt, green apples



Hello I’m Arabella Ava-Rose Andersen, a muggle Witch who grew up in the Wizarding world, as I was neighbors to both James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew. Due to us literally being next door neighbors we were childhood best friends, that couldn’t be separated from one another due to how close we were. One day during mid-June we all had received our Hogwarts letters which both James and Peter had to explain to me since it was all new to me, and they were very excited that I’d be going to school with them! During our first year we’ve all got sorted into Gryffindor, which couldn’t have made each of us any happier knowing that we would’ve been separated at all. 

Then we met another two first years who were also in our house and their names are Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. The five of us soon became best friends and had stayed best friends throughout the years. Though during mine and James second year, me and James had ended up making the Quidditch team which James had to help me learn as I was a beater as well as Seeker sometimes whenever James had got sick. While during our third year we had ended up all hating the Slytherin house mostly due to a male named Severus Snape or as we liked to call him Snivoulus. But it ended up getting better during our years especially for me and James, as he ended up dating Lily Evans, a muggle witch just like me as we’ve added her to our friend group list as well. While I had ended up dating Sirius Black as we had kind of hit off during our third and fourth year though James and Peter were over protective of me which I found silly of them but I knew their reasons.



Roleplay Information:


What I won't do in roleplay:

▾ Double Oc Rp

▾ Adoption Rp

▾ Human x Anything


Wall Rules:

▾ Please No Drama, as I will not except it.

▾ Do not post twice on my wall, if I haven’t responded to your owl please.

▾ Please don’t post Advertisements or Group promotions please, as I have no use for them.


Roleplay Rules:

▾  Say your, Oc’s name at least once in your reply as it’s hard to remember Oc names.

▾  Reply with at least a paragraph, whenever you reply as I will not except One-Liners.

▾  Do not, spam please as I will eventually get to you as I’m busy outside HiH.

▾  Help, write the Action/Romance as I will NOT, be doing all the hard work for the Roleplay.

If I don’t Respond. Here’s why:

– Sick.

– Personal Reasons.

– I don’t know what to Say.

– Vacation.

– Work.

– Just don’t know what to say.


Ship Roleplay:

Harry Potter

▾ Ginny x Harry

▾ Regulus x James

▾ Lily x Molly

▾ Lucius x Severus

▾ Draco x Blaise

▾ Neville x Pansy

▾ Barty Crouch Jr. x Regulus

▾ Hermione x Harry

▾ Ron x Blaise

▾ Luna x Pansy

▾ Hermione x Matteo

▾ Draco x Harry

▾ Cedric x Fred

▾ George x Harry

▾ Neville x Blaise

▾ Sirius x James

▾ Hermione x Ron

▾ Lily x Remus

▾ Draco x Pansy

▾ Remus x Sirius

▾ Regulus x Lily x James

▾ Fred x Harry



▾ Edward x Bella

▾ Jacob x Bella

▾ Alice x Jasper

▾ Jasper x Rosalie

▾ Emmett x Jacob

▾ Carlisle x Bella

▾ Esme x Carlisle 

▾ Jasper x Edward

▾ Rosalie x Bella

▾ Jasper x Bella


Fandom Roleplay: I know more, just ask me!!

▾ Harry Potter

▾ Percy Jackson

▾ Chronicles of Narnia

▾ Umbrella Academy

▾ Hunger Games

▾ Maze Runner

▾ Twilight

▾ Fast and Furious

▾ The Last Kingdom

▾ The 100

▾ Until Dawn

▾ Little Hope

▾ Walking Dead [Tv Show/Video Game]

▾ Pirates of the Caribbean 

▾ Pan

▾ Dorien Gray [half of the movie]

▾ Hunter x Hunter

▾ The Kingsman




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