Dude, did you just yeet over that chain.

Hello my name is Maia Anna Harrison please note: I will only do FxF or MxM as well as Romance for Roleplay ONLY. Also I'm a female FYI!

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“Oh, Now She Wants The Gun..”

- Jj Maybank


In case, if you’d wish to talk with me outside HIH!


Discord: P4L Sweet Summer#1950

Pinterest: @Pogue4LifeAndia


Note: If you’d like to do muggle just ask as I can, do anything for Muggle so ask away!!

Note: I will only be online sometimes throughout the day, so please don’t SPAM if I haven’t replied.

Times I will be on unless I am busy.

– Monday: 9am to 11pm 

– Tuesday: 9am to 11pm

– Wednesday: 9am to 11pm

– Thursday: 11:30 am to 11pm [I have a meeting from 9 am to 10am]

– Friday: 7am [In between 7am to 4pm I work but I can reply during break.] 4pm

– Saturday and Sunday: Anytime but it just depends on whenever I wake up!


Wall Rules:

▾ No posting, Drama Please.

▾ Keep everything Nice and Clean as I’d hate to Ban you from posting!

▾ If I’ve said something that has offended you please, let me know in Owls and I will Apologize!

▾ Don’t be childish or rude or Homophobic/Transphobic, please as I will Ban you PERMANENTLY. 



Roleplay Rules:

▾ Please, help write Action/Romance as I won’t be doing it all by myself.

▾ Write at least a paragraph whenever you Reply as I will not be accepting One-Liners.

▾ Give me time to respond as I will you so please do not spam if I haven’t replied in a while as I could be busy outside of HiH!


Muggle Original Character

Muggle: Male 

Aiden Adkins

Adrian Lawson


Muggle: Female

Bethan Jackson

Hannah Grimes


Stuff I will not do In Roleplay.

▾ Double Oc Rp

▾ Adoption Rp

▾ Human x Anything


Fandom Roleplay: I know more Just, ask Okay!!

▾ Outer Banks

▾  Harry Potter 

▾  Hunger Games

▾  Umbrella Academy

▾  Walking Dead [Tv Show/Video Game]

▾  The Chronicles of Narnia

▾  The Witcher

▾  Until Dawn

▾  Outlast

▾ Twilight

▾ The Last Kingdom

▾ Fast and Furious

▾ How To Train Your Dragon

▾ Wednesday

▾ The 100

▾ Maze Runner

▾ Dorian Gray

▾ Annabelle

▾ The Nun

▾ The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

▾The Conjuring [1 and 2]

▾Peter Pan


Ship Roleplay:

▾ Draco x Harry

▾ Regulus x James

▾ Molly x Lily

▾ Sirius x Remus

▾ James x Lily x Regulus

▾ Harry x Hermione

▾ Draco x Blaise

▾ Neville x Pansy

▾ Fred x Harry

▾ Hermione x Ron

▾ Draco x Pansy

▾ Luna x Hermione

▾ Harry x Cedric

▾ Luna x Pansy

▾ Pansy x Blaise

▾ Sirius x James

▾ Remus x Lily

▾ Hermione x Matteo

▾ Harry x George

▾ Ron x Draco

▾ Draco x Hermione

▾ Ron x Harry

▾ Harry x Ginny



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