Athena Eva Slater

" I wanna be a white angel ."

" I wanna be the true savior, The one with a terrible demise I wanna be the Messiah, pariah, The one who never dies."

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"Now I must admit that I have played a part In the way that things have gotten out of hand But it's escalated almost to an art. I want to fix it, but I don't think I can."

- Simon Curtis


Discord: Athena Eva Slater#1683

Wattpad: @SoftBunnyStar

Pinterest: @SoftBunnyStar

Quotev: SoftBunnyStar

Hello, everyone I wanna say thanks for stopping bye and if you're ever interested in, roleplaying with me I’m always Available to but just **NOTE:** I only, do FxF or MxM’s please as I save the FxM’s for only Ship Roleplay so if that’s something you're interested, in doing let me know of course!!

Some info about me!!


Athena Eva Slater


Poly/Bisexual [Female Lean though]


18 [depends on Rp!]

Star Sign: 





July 5th 

Eye Color:


Hair color:

Dirty Blonde


Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Name: Moony


A fast learner, Careful, Thorough, Individualistic, Loyal, Honest, Sweet, Caring, Welcoming, Happy-Go-Lucky, Escapist, Open-minded, Dutiful, Optimistic, A dreamer, Creative, Humble, Idealistic, Fast-moving, Lively, and Elitist.

Now Roleplay Rule’s:
Wall Rule’s:

‣ Please, don’t ask me if we can be friends in my owls just add me if you want and that’s it no need to ask!!

‣ Don’t be Racists,Sexists, Homophobic, or Transphobic as I will not allow you to post on my page.

Keep your thought’s to yourself if you see something that offends you, as I don’t want any DRAMA.

‣ Don’t Spam, Post GROUP Advertisements, Chain Mail, Games/Other things on my page as I have no need for it!!


Roleplay Rule’s:

‣ If you have a Starter that you’d like to use then LMK as, sometimes I might not have any ideas to be able to write a Starter!!

‣ Help write, the Roleplay as I won’t be doing all the heavy work as I’ve had some horrible Rp’s in the past where I had written all the plot/adventure lines.

‣ Don’t use Asterisk  [**] Please, as they confuse me whenever you're trying to reply, and I won’t accept them if you do use them as I don’t want to be confused throughout the Rp!!

‣ HELP WRITE: The Action/Romance please, if there is going to be any at all, as I’d hate to be the only one doing all the hard work, as it’s very boring to be the only one putting in the effort!!

‣ Keep the ideas Flowing, if you have something that you’d like to use even if you don’t think it, will go well with the Rp USE IT!!

‣ Let me know if you have any Triggers as I’d hate to upset or make you uncomfortable, whenever I say something okay!!

‣ If OWLS are ever broken on your side, or on mine PLEASE: POST on my page, as I would do the same so we can discuss what to do from their!!

Note: For Fandom Roleplay, and Muggle Roleplay please know that I will only do FxF or MxM, as I usually keep the FxM’s for Ship Roleplay’s only as doing them for normal Roleplay makes me a little uncomfortable but I will do one if you ask but I only play the Female lead in those types of Roleplays!!

Stuff I won’t Roleplay Ever!!

‣ Abusive/Toxic

‣ Human x Anything

‣ Adoption

‣ Controlling

‣ Double Oc Rp!!

Roleplay Information:

Fandom Roleplay: I know, more just don’t hesitate to ask me Okay!!

‣ London Has Fallen

‣ Harry Potter: Golden Trio Era

‣ Maze Runner

‣ Twilight

‣ Hunger Games

‣ Chronicles of Narnia

‣ Harry Potter: Marauder Era

‣ Stranger Things

‣ The 100

‣ Hunter x Hunter

‣ Black Butler

‣ Walking Dead [Tv Show]

‣ Sword Art Online

‣ Criminal Minds

‣ Dragon Ball Z [Series]

‣ Umbrella Academy

‣ The Last of Us

‣ The Witcher

‣ The Last Kingdom

Ship Roleplay:

‣ Draco x Hermione x Harry

‣ Luna x Pansy

‣ Hermione x Ron

‣ Blaise x Neville

‣ Sirius x James

‣ Remus x Lily

‣ Barty Crouch Jr. x Regulus

‣ James x Lily

‣ Harry x Hermione x Theodore x Blaise

‣ Blaise x Draco

‣ James x Regulus

‣ Dorcas x Pandora

‣ Marlene x Lily

‣ Hermione x Luna

‣ Pansy x Neville

‣ Regulus x James 

‣ Harry x Hermione

‣ James x Remus

‣ Pansy x Hermione

‣ Ron x B;aise

‣ Hermione x Matteo

‣ Harry x George

‣ Blaise x Pansy

‣ Luna x Hermione

‣ Fred x Harry

‣ Cedric x Cho

‣ Ron x Harry

‣ Draco x Pansy

‣ Harry x Ginny

‣ Ginny x Luna x Pansy

‣ Pansy x Ginny

‣ Regulus x Lily

‣ Draco x Harry

‣ Harry x Cedric

‣ Ginny x Hermione

‣ Matteo x Harry

Muggle Roleplay:

‣ Friends to Lovers

‣ Enemies to Lovers

‣ Pirate x Robber

‣ Princess x Lower Class

‣ Prince x Lower Class

‣ King x Servant

‣ Queen x Servant

‣ Maid x Master

‣ Maid x Mistress

‣ Popular Student x Nerd/Unpopular Student

‣ Next Door Neighbor x Out of City Neighbor

‣ Arranged Marriage 

‣ Mother x Daughter

‣ Mother x Son

‣ Aunt x Niece

‣ Aunt x Nephew

‣ Father x Daughter

‣ Father x Son

‣ Uncle x Niece

‣ Uncle x Nephew

‣ Yandere! x Anything

‣ Stalker x Innocent

‣ Musician x Manager

‣ Mafia Leader x Right Hand Man

‣ Kidnapped x Kidnapper

‣ Super Hero x Super Villain

‣ Royalty x Bandit

‣ Step-Sibling Bully x Sibling

‣ Cop x Victim

‣ Boss x Co-Worker

‣ Principal x Student

‣ Teacher x Student

‣ Stable person x Royalty

‣ Strangers to Lovers

‣ Serial Killer x Innocent

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