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Francine Reigner was born in a pureblood family of a powerful Aurors. My mother, Cordelia Reigner was a beautiful woman with dark brown hair that cascaded up to the edge of her back, and her skin was as precious and soft as a porcelain doll's and being the only one in a family of proud Gryffindor's to be sorted in Slytherin, she was regarded as a disappointment and a traitor.

Marrying my father, Elliott Reigner, the only child of a prominent family of Gryffindor's and part of the infamous muaraders, was the only thing my mother did that my grandparents approved of, though You-know-who made sure they never lived long enough to makeup for lost time.

As I live the life of a student in Hogwarts, I make it a task to uncover the secrets of my family; why my father and mother make sure to never be home at the same time, why they seemingly hate each other, why my mother has former and suspected death eaters as her companions, among many others. All the while, helping my friends, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, solve problems that never seem to stop coming our way.
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