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Hi welcome! My name is Jasmine (f26, she/her). I've been gone for a long time but I'm back now (no one knows for how long so if you want to say hi, do it now before I disappear again!)
  (Cassia Summers' interpretation of me)

I would love to start a rp with you. Just one disclaimer: I (Jasmine) am not a character, I tell the stories of my characters. I also have the tendency to create new characters for roleplays. So I would appreciate it if you wouldn't be assuming my character ^^

I would rather not do romance

When we RP, I expect you have some (or all) of these things:
- you know basic grammar and spelling (I'm a non-native English speaker so you don't have to be perfect, but please put some effort in your writing)
- you have no problem writing longish paragraphs
- no god-modding
- no asterisks
- you have no problem with me not immediately replying
(i'm a slow-replier, sometimes even a no-replier. I do things in my own time because, just like you, I have a life). So please, the more you ask me to reply, the longer I don't reply.
- you're okay with drama and conflict. I like to create rps that actually live
-I prefer third person writing but this is not a hard requirement
Also, I prefer to take the roleplay outside of Hogwarts, to avoid 'boring things', like going to classes and such.

I am trying now to keep at least two characters alive.

(faceclaim: Regé-Jean Page)

Nick Sherman.
Nick is 34 years old and a halfblood wizard.
When he was only 4 years old, his muggle mother died. Nick can't remember much about her, just that she had the most beautiful laugh and told him many muggle fairytales.
His father remarried a muggleborn witch soon after that. His father was a hardworking fullblood wizard at the Ministry of Magic and always put a lot of heart in his work. He believed that if you worked hard and had a 'real' job, you could achieve anything. Nick loves his dad, even though they do
n't always agree on what that real job entails. His stepmother was a bit held back at first as to not threaten Nick with her presence, but the two became best friends. She taught him many things about kindness and love.

When Nick was a student at Hogwarts (Hufflepuff of course), his kindness and tendency to help others was often abused by his classmates. Nick's first job was for the Ministry of Magic, a job his father had arranged for him. He was a simple office clerk. The cycle of abuse started again. One day on his way to work, it started raining. Nick only noticed when he was inside the building and saw his coat was wet like hell. He almost immediately made his way to HR and quit.
Nick was done with pleasing others an
d putting their needs first. He wanted to do something that made HIM happy.

When Nick was a child, he'd always been good in finding back stuff that his mother lost. Before she could even cast a finding-spell, Nick had found it already. It brought him joy and satisfaction retrieving lost things, and so he decided to ask money for it.
He opened up his own shop: Finder's Keepers. If you lost something or someone and you can't go to the police for it, chances are Nick will find it for you. He's a kind man, full of compassion and energy. He has a strange love for heavy rainstorms.

Nick now has a varying clientèle, from thugs to police-detective Juavo Huarez (character bio coming soon).
How harder the object is to locate, how more fun Nick has. He never rejects a case and works from 9 till finished.

He's never been happier.

If you want to know more about him, eh, I guess you'd have to find out ;) 

Amy Rackett (Picture) Amy is a full blood witch but not one of the 'traditional' kind; she doesn't require a wand to conjure magic. She uses a technique called 'marking'. By marking the air with figures with her hand, Amy conjures magic. Because of this, she got different classes at Hogwarts and the Professors treated her differently, resulting Amy in becoming a bit of a loner and outcast. The other students started talking about her and Amy was labeled as 'fake witch', even by some of the Professors.
As a student, Amy was highly interested in the science side of people and the source of magic. She also felt connected to nature and loved to do gardening by hand, without using magic, to the frustration of her Herbology professor.
After Hogwarts, Amy decided that she wanted to research the science behind magic some more, so she joined the Ministry Laboratory. Amy was accepted here more, her colleagues consisting of a squib, an insecure muggleborn and a antisocial halfblood.
One night, Amy and her team stayed in a little longer to look closer at a bacteria that was responsible of copying DNA. It was an almost breakthrough in finding out how some children are born with magic and others aren't. It was a breakthrough alright, but not as they had expected it to be.

After the halfblood colleague made a clumsy move, the tube with the bacteria in it fell over and fell on Amy's bare hand. Upon the direct contact with the bacteria, Amy's DNA started to mutate. The mutation became too much and Amy fell unconscious. Amy was out for two full days.
When she woke up in the hospital and touched the hand of the nurse, the nurse screamed and ran away, Amy not understanding why, still dazed by the medicine. Thinking it was a sickdream, she dozed off again. When she woke up later, she was surrounded by multiple doctors and nurses. One of the doctors touched her hand in comfort, but pulled his hand quickly and looked at Amy in horror.. Wondering what was going on, Amy demanded clarification. She stopped talking when she heard her voice. It was totally different, lower, almost manly. One of the nurses held up a mirror to Amy. Amy's face mimicked the doctor's when she saw her face. Or... the doctor's face. Her face was the face of the doctor. The mutation had caused her body to mirror that of anyone she touched.

When she was fired out of the hospital, Amy returned to the laboratory, only to learn that their project was cancelled and her colleagues were gone. and that she walked right into a trap.
Once the Ministry found out what really had happened to Amy, they wanted to experiment with her new condition and use it for their cause. To the outside world, they pretended like the accident had never happened and her colleagues were all fired for 'unknown reasons'. Amy was the Ministry's guinea pig for over three years, The Ministry drew her blood in hopes to inject it into others, forced her to go on sketchy undercover missions and experimented on her to see how far her mutated DNA would go when she experienced certain strong incentives, such as pain, adrenaline or happiness.

She finally found a way to escape when she met one of her old colleagues, the insecure muggleborn wizard. He had been in Azkaban for two and a half years to shut him up about the accident. He never told Amy how he got out of the prison, but she never cared for that. Using her marking magic, and his traditional ways of conjuring magic, Amy got them out of the lab, unseen.
The muggleborn, called Randall, took her in and took care of a traumatised and confused Amy, while always having to hide for the Ministry.
At the same time, they tried finding the other people from the team. Amy always succeeded in staying under the radar, using her mutation, but Randall was less lucky and got killed in a pub fight. Amy never got over his death, but continued looking for the only other people she ever could call friends anyway.

She still is looking for them. She doesn't know who to trust and who to be afraid of, but she will never give up. Amy is shy, quiet and keeps herself in the background. Once you get to know her better and manage to gain her trust, she opens up a bit. She is really kind a loyal even though all she has been through and always thinks of others before thinking of herself.


Okay, so this part is more for me than for you to read, but feel free to skim through these existing roleplays to get a hint of how I rp (if these links are still alive, that is) ^^


















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