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I was sorted in Griffyndor, because of my courage and true heart, even thought I was a hatstall because I had a lot of Slytherin in me, but people in Slytherin were getting me really nervous so I opted for the safe side.
On my first year, I loved most of my classes, but definitely Charms, Potions and Herbology were my most favorites. I did well in most of them but History of Magic and Astronomy were my weak points. I am a pureblood, my whole family is made of wizards, but I always got along with all kinds of people. One people's background doesn't matter to becoming a great wizard, and I have made a few good friends, some halfblood and some even muggleborn: they're all great!
Obviously my blood status never affected me in the Wizarding World, thought I never understood why it would.
My greatest strength is probably my ability to learn new things, I'm passionate for this world, and everything brings me entusiasm, so I really enjoy learning new things and obviously that brings me a lot of perks.
My greatest weakness is probably my shyness, I keep myself shut down when I should be saying something, and that affects my whole life.
I have no idea what I want to do after school, I know I want it to be very magical!
I wanna use my magic to help others also, but I wanna live in a good simple background, full of friends, family, world traveling and of course magic will always be there with me. I do have a pet, it's Hindi and she's actually a middle size dragon, she has black fur with purple highlights, she's the most adorable dragon I've ever met and she's my best friend. She sleeps with me, thought my mom doesn't agree that much and leaves her in her shed, but she always comes to my bed when everyone's asleep, flying thought my window, that silly girl!
My family is really tight and there's lots of magic always through the whole house. I have a niece with one and half year, and she's too cute growing flowers with my mom in the backyard.

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