Lilly Eden
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Hey, Lilly Eden here. Ravenclaw, Metamorphmagus. I'm really friendly and always down to Roleplay or chat- So don't be afraid to post on my wall!
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My Backstory
Hi, my name is Lilly Eden from Ravenclaw. The sorting hat made it's decision fairy quickly, though the results were surprising. I don't consider myself to be exceedingly brainy. Homework is death. But nonetheless, I've found myself really at home. I'm muggle born- unless my dad was a wizard. He left when I was just a child and I've been raised with my two sisters by our mother. I was the only one born with magic, our Headmistress came to talk to my mother when I was just a baby because my hair was changing color so rapidly.

I was lucky enough to be born as a Metamorphmagus, which is not as amazing as it sounds. I keep my hair color pale pink at all times. I usually have it at hip length, lied back into a hair ponytail, or braided. I don't like it in my face, it's hard to concentrate. I keep my face, height, age, and body the same. The default "me" I guess (except for that nose tweak but shhhhhh). I won't lie- being able to magic my eyebrows into being neat, and changing my lip color rather than applying lip stick, is definitely a plus. My eyes are green, but tend to change based off my emotion. I don't think any of my friends have ever taken advantage of my changeable looks other than to test hair styles on "themselves" before making a cut.

My backstory... It's pretty grim. I'd like to focus on the positive. We can wait until it's two in the morning to unlock the tragic past...

Personality wise- I'd say I'm pretty shy. Well, very shy. I have a good sense of humor, and I'm extremely protective and loyal. Some call me "the mom friend:, but if you cross me- just watch your back. I'm a hopeless romantic, a lover of books. I can't survive without my coffee. My favorite color is pink. For now. Feel free to talk to me! I'm very friendly.

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