Aimee Forrest


Hello everyone! I'm a first year Gryffindor. Feel free to chat!

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Wand: Blue Spruce with a blended core of Phoenix Tail Feather and Demiguise hair, 10 ¾ inches, Sturdy

Pet: Southern white-faced owl named Puck

Patronus: Dolphin

Quidditch Position: Beater

As a little kid, I had no idea I was different from everyone else. How was I supposed to know that all the weird stuff that happened to me made me a wizard? Thankfully, my Hogwarts letter came, and everything started to make more sense. I was sorted into Gryffindor, after a lot of deliberation. Eventually, it came down to the fact that my greatest strength as well as my biggest weakness is my readiness to start a fight or take a bullet for my friends or those in need. Then, once classes started, transfiguration quickly became a favorite of mine. I enjoy charms and potions, but transfiguration has always come easiest to me. After I finish school, I would love to be a teacher. I considered becoming an Auror, but I feel like I can have an influence on more people as a teacher. The summer before I came to Hogwarts, I read about Harry Potter's time at Hogwarts and discovered how great the influence of a teacher can be, both good and bad. As a muggleborn, learning about how magic can hurt or help so many people has further encouraged my want to be a teacher.
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