Beth Towers
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My Backstory
I'm very new and green to this whole idea of being a wizard. I didn't even know I had powers until I got upset one day at someone. I was getting so mad at what the person was saying and just wanted them to shut up; and all of a sudden their lips were zipped up, with an actual zipper.

As far as I know, I'm the first wizard in our family history; so I have no one to teach me the ropes. That's why I'm attending Hogwarts. I'm looking forward to mastering my skills. The main skill to be mastered is spellcasting. I mainly want to learn standard first aid spells. I’m interested in any charm or spell that makes my family’s life any easier. Since I am the only wizard in the family, I feel it is my place to take care and protect my family. Those are the types of spells and charms I am interested in.

I am now a 4th year student and have learned sooooooo much! I never even imagined that I could come this far. After many diverse courses I have found my interests more varied than when I first started my education.