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“ Rebellious, is that what they call it? I call it living~ “

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~ C H A R A C T E R B I O G R A P H Y~

Adult Rose: Owns a shop that has an underground Potion's lab and an upstairs library, and is currently studying to become a Potions Mistress.

Name: Roselyn Marie Turpin

Age: 18

Year: 7th

(Above information varies, depending on the SL.)

House: Slytherin

Wand: 9",oak, unicorn, flexible

Pet: American Long Haired Tabby named Angel and A Snow White Barn Owl named Lucy and A Australian Shepherd named Finn

Blood: Complicated

Family and Home: Maggie Turpin and Edmund Turpin Father figure: Frank Simmons , Step- Mother : Lin Beifong, lives in London, England

Size & shape: Slim,Curvy body, Pale Skin, around 5'4" in height, weighs about 112, toned body

Eyes & hair: Emerald Green eyes and long blonde curls

Animagus: Large Jaguar

Patronus: Large Black Wolf

Personality: Though naive Rose was a special child, She was more intelligent then most her age. Being a rebellious runaway caused Rose to enjoy mischief. She is known to be very sarcastic. If she trusts you which is very seldom she will be very caring and rather kind hearted. But if you break her trust, you will feel her wrath till the day you die. She is quite wise, but her actions and attitude covers a lot of that up. Rose is rather independent and enjoys reading and making potions. She has great pride in being a Pure-Blood Syltherin which causes her to act cold at times. Rose can be very flirtatious at times but that's only her personality, she doesn't mean anything by it. Usually Rose enjoys pressing people's buttons and sometimes she presses the wrong buttons and finds herself in a trap she can't escape, she has been close to getting expelled from Hogwarts but due to her conniving attitude she has always managed to escape with detentions instead. Way deep down Rose cares greatly for her schooling but to keep her reputation up, she refuses to show such unless a professor or someone breaks her extremely tough shell somehow. She is a former follower of the Dark Lord and that is why she has no fears or weaknesses. She is committed to fighting for what she wants till she can no longer fight. Rose is known to be a stubborn and rather hard headed girl, she always is trying to prove some one wrong and sometimes she actually enjoys arguing. She's always longed from freedom of the hell she lives but inside she has accepted the fact that she could never truly escape and that another reason why she is so rebellious and pretends to not care. If she would ever put her mind to her schooling as much as she gives though to her mischief she would be the brightest in her class, but Rose never found worth to doing so. She persists to keep her reputation, whether it's a good or bad decision or not.

Extra: Rose doesn't have many friends and will be found in the library, Forbidden Forest, Astronomy Tower, the Restricted Section , or at the Black Lake and if she isn't there , Rose will most likely be in detention with a professor. Some call her Rose instead of Roselyn. Rose is a shape shifter and she is also a hybrid; meaning she is a werewolf and vampire mix


Roselyn was sent to an orphanage as an infant. Her father never knew about her because when she was born her mother immediately took her to the orphanage and was never heard from again. Rose stayed there till she was about 9. She had then ran away due to certain events that occurred. When she was about 11 she met the Dark Lord. Not knowing whom he was at first, he keep her for two years, teaching her the dark magic and trained her to become a DE (in the end she became one and did extremely dangerous and terrible tasks, which caused her to run once more.) Soon Rose had escaped him and found Hogwarts, now currently living there. She has finally realized that you can't run from your problems and now she faces them daily and managed to push through no matter what. Her father still doesn't know of her existence but eventually she plans on telling him about herself. She has a small locket that she had since she was born and inside it holds a magical moving picture of her sister, herself, her mother and father and that is the only thing that she ever keeps close to her and her only proof to show her father. Rose had many different experiences in her life and is a seventh year now. All of her life she had found smoking and drinking as her only escape from the world. She refuses to listen to anyone who tells her not to drink or smoke, so when they try to stop her that is her spark to come back twice as bad, no matter what the consequences are. When Rose was about 15 the Dark Lord had given her a task- To murder her sister and in the end no matter how much she refused or how much torture she went through, The Dark Lord managed to eventually possess her mind and took care of the dark deed himself, through her. Once Rose realized what had happened she nearly killed her own self and now suffers from the flash backs and regrets it daily ( That is another reason as to why she drinks and smokes). Due to many terrible experiences in her life Rose also suffers from extremely intense nightmares, she finds herself waking often during the night and meandering around the castle just to keep her mind off things, that's another reason why she causes to mischief, it was always one of the only ways she had ever felt true happiness but Rose is the type of person to conceal her true feelings and pretend she doesn't care for anything or anyone, even if inside she is the complete opposite.


Lin Beifong:

When Rose was about 13 years old she tried to run from Hogwarts because she was paranoid and tired of living there. This was when Lin had found her. She took her in as her own and has raised her ever since. Though Rose and Lin don't get along often, they still love each other. Rose and her got into a huge fight when Rose was about 18 due to the fact that Lin had disapproved of Arose and Severus' relationship. Lin had ended up trying to throw Severus in jail, just to have Rose bust him out, that was around the same time that Lin had kicked Rose out of the house. They had stopped talking for a few months but when it came time for Rose to get married Lin had actually came up with the idea that she would walk her down the isle, despite her opinion because in all honesty Lin had always loved Rose and always will as Rose will always love Lin because she thinks of her as her hero.

Lin kept Rose for a year and then the authority found her and took her away and rose escaped at the age of 16 and was reunited with Lin

Frank Simmons:

At the age of 9, when Rose left the orphanage she found her step father Frank Simmons. He took care of her until Rose disappeared a few days before her 11th birthday. Searching for her, he never found her until Rose was reunited with her step mother at the age of 16.

Edmund Turpin:

At the age of 17, Rose left on a trip to go find her birth father, she eventually did, but when she found him, things did not go well. He would not accept Rose for who she was and tried for months to change her and because Rose refused, he disowned her as a daughter and they were to never speak again.

ADD ON: I play a Rose that is married to Severus Snape and has children....and a Rose that is a single rebel who is a little insane. Do realize that I am a multi-Storyline roleplayer and things can change or vary according to the plot I am dealing with.

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