Faye Chuchoter

Fairy, Magizoologist

Wand: English Oak wood, Phoenix feather core, 11 ¾" long, unbending flexibility. Patronus: Delicate Mouse

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Hello, my name is Faye Chuchoter. I am not like everyone else, writing a cool backstory for attention or to be known. Rather, I am doing this because I have been asked by so many people who I really am. I struggle to find the right words, so I decided to write it out, so I don’t have to explain. This isn’t my full backstory, I am in the process of writing an autobiography in the Hogwarts Library., title is T.B.A.

Quick intro, if you wouldn’t mind. I have forest green eyes, and wavy long golden brown hair that falls a little below my elbows. I am small, skinny, and light. I have huge white wings with a dark mark sign burned into the left wing. I normally wear a simple dress, and never jeans. I don’t like the feeling of things on my legs, which is why I rarely wear shoes. I don’t like jewelry much either, only ever wearing a locket that contains a picture of my mother and a five year old me. I never take off that locket.

Anyway, to my story. Everything started in Cadair Idris, Wales for me. I grew up in those forests, living within the many magical aspects. Muggles today think of them as simply myths and legends, but I know them to be true. I have known from experience that the lakes are bottomless, sleeping on the slopes alone will awaken a madman or poet. Idris the Giant’s blood flows within me, perhaps one of the reason I am so skilled in poetry, astronomy and philosophy. I have encountered Gwyn ap Nudd and his Cŵn Annwn. My mother, who was well known in the forests, was an ally of theirs, and so I became close with Gwyn and his pack of huge dogs. I was one of the only people to do so.

I was born on January 18 of 1980, named Faye Chuchoter. My name, in Old French, means “Fairy Whispers”. My mother being a beautiful fairy named Belladonna, my father a dark wizard my mother was forced to marry, my parents divorced soon after my birth. I was taught Fairy, English, and Parseltongue at a young age. My first five years of my life were splendid, for I was often exploring the mountains with my mother. She told me that when I was older, I would be able to know what she was searching for. I never did know, she only hinted it was only accessible to Fairies. She searched the most often in lakes, for the long-lost story only certain Fairies know.

The day after my fifth birthday, my mother mysteriously vanished. My father, who I had never really bonded with, dragged me out of the forest to live with him in London, England. I hated the city, wanting to be free in the woods. My father often got frustrated- perhaps the cause was his overwhelming work, or my mother’s death (although that is likely not the reason, he hated her), or raising a child when he hated children.

His frustration and stress led to drinking, and drinking led to more anger. I became a clumsy person, not used to the city or being around so many people and man-made objects. My father beat me for it. When I turned 7, I began showing magical abilities. In fear, I tried to hide my abilities, not wanting to be punished for it. Soon the containment became an Obscurus, which demolished the apartment complex I lived in. My father narrowly escaped, spending the next year in the hospital.

I enjoyed my year of being free, but I came back to my weakened father, feeling the need to care for him. My father was angry, incredibly angry, and I knew it was my fault he was weak. He used his magic to tie me to him, so I would never leave again. I turned eleven, and got my letter for Hogwarts. My father decided to let me go, but when I came home for the holidays and summers, I was forced to serve him.

The Sorting Hat thought for a while when it was placed on my head. It was deciding between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. I begged not to be Slytherin, thinking it evil, for my father was a Slytherin. The Sorting Hat took pity on me, deciding on Ravenclaw.

However, my shy and withdrawn attitude was seen as vulnerability in the eyes of some people, and they bullied me. In my mind, any human was crude and untrustworthy. I found myself attracted to nature and animals, spending much of my time sneaking into the Forbidden Forest and exploring it. I used my wand always, enjoying the power it gave me. I became skilled with spells, creating some of my own, and using it as my best defense and weapon.

I feared people and crowds, and when I was in class, I barely spoke, keeping to a corner and doing my work quickly and silently. I avoided people at all costs. My first and second year, I was bullied often, but I learned how to avoid them, for the most part. My life was not pleasant. Nobody liked me, and I didn't like anyone.

In my third year, I was able to make friends. I didn't know how, it's a long and complicated story. I met three girls who I immediately took to. However, Catherine did not take to me, or anyone else. She was a dark wizard, and we fought a giant battle. I met a boy and secretly liked him. He tried to save my life. We ended up compromising, Catherine and I. I removed her curse, in return she stopped hurting me and my friends. Yes, I suppose I could call them that. Catherine and I befriended each other after that, but in between my third and fourth year, my father pushed me too much, hurt me beyond what I could handle. I turned against my father, for he had turned me into a dark fairy. The evil was so powerful, it gave me the ability to time warp, along with other powers.

I killed my father, turning against my only friends when I arrived at Hogwarts. Luckily, Catherine managed to destroy the evil within me.

Instead of going back to my father in the summer, now that he was dead, I went to Cadair Idris. After I graduated from Hogwarts, I pursued the career of a Magizoologist. Although my natural talent was with spells, animals reminded me of the days in the forest I spent with my mother. I was also quite good with animals, and liked them more than humans, for they had a less violent reputation.

I traveled the world, never staying in one place for more than a month. Isolating myself from humans, I became awkward in conversations and only felt comfortable talking with my Hogwarts friends and fairies like me.

I think that about wraps up my life up to now. I never plan on marrying, or raising humans of any sort. I don't plan on anything like that, nor living in any city or settlement. I am perfectly satisfied with my watch, which can teleport the holder to a cozy and snug cottage-like space inside the watch. I am very hard to find, and I like it that way- I don't want to be found by humans. Of course, all of my creatures live in my watch, they all have a snug spot in my home. If you do insist on finding me, I will most always be in Cadair Idris in the summers. For winter, spring, and fall, I don't even know myself where I would be.
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