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Hey, I'm just a quirky, laid back, down to earth gal with her head in the clouds =) I have many interests so come on in and say hello! Have a good day
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My Backstory
~ Well, I've started out in this world as a shy, happily nerdy Hufflepuff student at Hogwarts. It took me a while to come out of my shell, but when I did I discovered a world of magic, imagination, laughs, and life long friendships. Now I split my time between my ongoing education and owning my own shoppe at Hogsmeade. Hey, who said you can't have it all?! I work hard and wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm loving where I'm at now. Please feel free to join my dorm, group, friend or follow me, or just pop on in and say hello...xx

~ My Wand: Silver Lime wood, Phoenix feather core, 10 ¾" in length, Slightly Yielding flexibility

~ My Patronus: Tortoiseshell Cat

~ The Literary Brew Shoppe~

Hello! Welcome to my shoppe, "The Literary Brew". We have every book you'll ever need. Plus we offer movies, music, coffees, teas, and assorted delights to eat! Come on in, have a cuppa, relax, and peruse some books and such =)

~ Hufflepuff Haven Dorm ~

Hufflepuff Haven (#1352)
Come on in, read a book, keep warm by the fireplace, chat with friends (old & new), have a cuppa, or just take some time for yourself. We're a safe haven and we welcome you...xx

~ The Literary Brew Cottage ~

Welcome ! Come on in, be yourself, have a cuppa, say hi to a new or old friend, and discuss books, tv, movies, music, fandoms, recipes, paranormal, travel, and anything that captures your imagination. We're a safe haven & welcome all...x