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A true Ravenclaw right here! Also Team Mystic (the Ravenclaws of Pokemon duhhh haha) The more HP lovers in my life the better, so come say hi :)

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Becoming an Auror is not something that I ever expected when my journey began but now that I am finally here I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Surprisingly enough I grew up in a very magic-less household despite the fact that I am considered a "half-blood." My father is a muggle and my mother is a witch. Originally, my mother and father did live their lives as part of the wizarding world but the start of the second wizarding war changed all of that for them and for me. The start of the second wizarding war was in about 1996 but was not publicly known until 1997, that being so I was only about 5 when the war started and 7 when it finally ended. I honestly do not remember much of what was going on during that time and once my parents caught wind of what was going on they choose for us to live our lives as muggles in the muggle world, until the day I got my letter. Even as a child my parents knew this day would come, I was practicing magic unknowingly at a very young age according to my parents. The day my letter came I knew that I was meant for great things and there was no way I was going to spoil it!
The years I had at Hogwarts were some of the best years of my life. I was excited to be sorted into Ravenclaw house but I had no idea how I was going to use this knowledge once I left Hogwarts, which really started to scare me as the years went on. During my studies I had always heard about how amazing Aurors were and important they were to both wizarding wars but I didn't think that could ever be me. I was very smart and studied very hard but I wasn't necessarily the strongest person physically. I took a great amount of encouragement from the professors at Hogwarts to make me realize what an asset brains can be to the Auror career track. I knew they were the elite of the elite but I also felt that if I could work hard enough I could be one too! My hard work did pay off in the end and I have put away countless evil wizards using not only my intelligence but many of the lessons I learned at Hogwarts and the extensive research I put in after the fact. I am proud to call myself an Auror knowing I am doing what needs to be done to keep my fellow witches and wizards safe.

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