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My Backstory
I'm super exited to be at Hogwarts! I am a half-blood, my father was an Animagus, he could turn into a fox. My mother was a normal muggle. They separated when she found out he was a wizard, she didn't know she was pregnant with me though. I begged her to come to Hogwarts and finally my dream has become reality. We had to make a deal though that in all my vacations I would go to muggle school so I won't be able to stay at Hogwarts then. I adore writing, flying, magical creatures and astronomy. I hope someday to use my skills for my future job. My father was native American and believed in great spirits, my mother was also American and so I have a very noticeable accent. However I hope people won't make fun of me. I have social anxiety so I'm sorry if I appear nervous at all times. I have a few friends but I would love to try and build my social skills with everyone.