Alex Milne
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My Backstory
I was the first Slytherin in my family after a long mixture of the other houses. The hat seemed to think that the House of the Cunning would be best for me, despite my thirst for knowledge. Throughout school, Potions, Adtronomy and Charms grabbed my attention the most of the regular classes, however, extracurricular studies of Spellcrafting and Arithmancy were my all-time favourites. My mother and father did not appreciate my enthusiasm in becoming a worker for the Department of Mysteries, saying it was below my status as a pureblood. Being born after the Second War meant that I grew up with the stories of the fights, however, I appeared to not be as entertained by these stories as the other kids. Dealing with conflict was never my forte. As an Unspeakable, I get to do so many things, researching is my dream and it has come true. As I've grown, I've realised why the hat put me in Slytherin. For all of my want of knowledge, I just want to have unlimited access to all areas of magic. Not for taking over the world though, mind you. Just so I can figure out what it all does.