Caitlin Fox
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My Backstory
Born into a Muggle family, you could imagine my surprise when I found out that magic was even real, let alone I had magic of my own that I could control! I had always been a little different, until I arrived at Hogwarts. Having been sorted into Ravenclaw, I knew I had finally found my home. I also have three terrific but magic-less younger sisters and two dogs whom I share my summer holidays with.
I have truly enjoyed becoming one with my magic and learning as much as I can about both the magical and Muggle communities with Charms and Potions as my two favourite subjects...and I can be quite a difficult opponent in a duel! Now, as Head Girl in my seventh year, I aim to leave behind my legacy to the current and future students as an intelligent and kind witch, and a friendly and respectful person. Upon completion of my N.E.W.T.S I wish to further my learning, train as a healer and use my magic to help do good in the world wherever I can. My patronus is a tortoiseshell cat and, if I were to become an animagus, I would choose to take on the form of a black Labrador.