Alfred Jones
Never fear, the Gryffindor Hero is here!!
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My Backstory
Heya! I'm Alfred F. Jones, soon to be hero of the world! I'm from America and I'm a half-blood, my mom is a witch descendant from the famous Salem Witches. Because of her, I always knew about magic! My dad never seemed to mind it even though he's a muggle. I got a twin brother named Matthew (I call him Mattie). Because we're identical people confuse us for each other all the time! Anyway, I like movies and games and food and superheros and food and pfft-everything. I like everything.

Anyway, I was a student here before but my family had to go back to America for a while so I've been gone for almost an entire year. I'm waaaaaay behind so hopefully I'll catch up! I know I slack off sometimes, but give me a good challenge and I'll focus! My favorite subjects are definitely DADA and lunch.

Currently, I own and run a Quidditch Group called "The Snitch Pitch". Anyone is welcome to join:

Wand: Redwood with dragon heartstring core, 12 1/2", unyielding flexibility.
Pet: Eagle Owl named Hero.
Patronus: N/A