Romano Vargas


My name is Lovino Romano Vargas, but I like to be called by my middle name. I'm from Rome, Italy and I came here to learn magic!

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My name is Lovino Romano Vargas, I like to go by my middle name because is was the one my grandfather gave me. I was born in Italy but my grandfather took my younger brother and I to England so we could attend Hogwarts.

I'm Half-blood and Muggle-raised by my Nonno (means "grandfather" in Italian), so magic and the wizard world is very new to me. My nonno told me that my parents were wizards and later on killed by Death Eaters. After Lord Voldemort was defeated, he immigrated into England where he raised us in a quite and safe village. Then I got my letter from Hogwarts, and my nonno had to explain himself. I was not pleased with him, but I guess he did what he could... But anyway, I'm here at Hogwarts and I'm slowly learning everything that's happened here, and how different the wizarding world is. It's overwhelming but I can't say I don't enjoy it.

So far my experience in Hogwarts has been great. I've made a few friends and even though I don't like homework, I've been doing fairly well at it. People have been telling me that magic will come naturally to me but I'm finding it hard to do just that. Maybe I'll get better over a few more classes...

Pet: White and brown cat with a few black spots named Puchini (Poo-chinn-y) , which means "Little mushroom."

Year: 1st Year

Wand: Hazel wood, 12 3/4'' in Length, Dragon heartstring core, slightly yielding flexibility.

Patronus: N/A
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