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I knew my Hogwarts letter was coming from the moment I knew what Hogwarts was. I was raised to value knowledge and individuality which made sense, seeing as I came from a long line of Ravenclaws. However, I’d always been a bit unique. Some would call me quirky in comparison to my family, but I was always accepted. From a young age, I used coy tricks and subtle cunning to get out of trouble, occasionally even resorting to slight manipulation. Nothing major, of course, just enough to give me a different edge from my parents.

This came to surface on my first day at Hogwarts when I sat in with the Sorting Hat on my head. I was rather anxious to get the sorting over with, but the hat had different ideas. It kept bouncing between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, rattling off reasons I would do well in both houses. I tried to stay indifferent, though, in all of my research, I narrowed my sorting down to one possible option: Slytherin. Of course, it would take my family a bit of time to get used to it, but they’ve always been very accepting people. Sure enough, the Sorting Hat eventually shouted out the house of the snakes.

I’m one of the few purebloods in Slytherin without a living Slytherin relative. In fact, I haven’t found a single snake in my bloodline, so the adjustment for the whole family has been relatively large. Luckily for me, my house accepted me very fast. I’ve been adjusting since arriving here, but things get easier every day. Many people in my house value knowledge just as I do, so it’s easy to find friends with similar traits to me, especially since we’re a house of unity.

Before coming to Hogwarts, I found a beautiful Snowy Owl who I named Spot, thanks to the black spots all over her body. She was a feisty thing at first, without a doubt, but she warmed up to me very quickly, and she’s now my best friend.
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