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My Backstory
I was born into a very rich and powerful pure blood family, but due to interference when I was born I am a mix blood wizard. Because of this, and me being physically female I was disowned by my family for being an " abomination". So I was raised by my older half blood brother and our oblivious squib mother. Due to my parsel tounge and many black magic and dark abilities I never entirely fit in with muggles. The more I learned about them the more I grew to hate them but unlike my horrid father I'd never harm an innocent person despite my violent urges. I quickly realized in this damned muggle world I would never reach my full potential so my dear brother enrolled me in Hogwarts and I became a "princess" of my dream house. Also due to my black magic exile I've been haunted by demons sent by my parents, almost died all the time, and I've been experimented on. Now I still have never met my birth parents but when I do I plan on killing them. However I am happy now a days as a very happy young werewolf, with strong powers, already published book, and my muggle born best friend.