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My name is Heather and I am 15 years old. I was so happy to receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter, for I had been the first in my family to attend school. When I found out that my house was Hufflepuff I was a little upset because I knew that I was brave and I thought that I should be a Gryffindor, but I finally embraced ,my inner Hufflepuff and accepted it. Both of my parents went straight from their homes when they were 17 to their jobs as the owners of a broom store in Diagon Alley. I began taking advanced Herbology in my second year, and then in my fourth year private Herbology lessons. Right now I am at Hogwarts for my fifth year and my parents couldn't be prouder. The first time I went to Diagon Alley I could not wait to get a pet. I wanted an owl because the owl is the patronus of my beloved grandmother who passed away recently. I named my owl Zoe after my grandmother. After that I really wanted to go to Ollivander's to see what wand would choose me. My wand is a 14" vine wood wand with a pheonix feather core. In my third year my DADA teacher taught me how to conjure a patronus. He said that I was too young to conjure a patronus but I told him that if Harry Potter could do it in his third year so could I. Finally he caved in and started giving me private lessons on conjuring patronus's. Later in my fourth year he finally helped me to conjure my patronus which I then found out was a polar bear. I am so happy to be at Hogwarts and I am very glad that you learned about me! Bye!
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